Formula 1 2018 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix – LIVE


Formula 1 2018 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix – LIVE

Location: China

Circuit: Shanghai International Circuit

Race: 2018 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix

Weather: At the moment – Sunny

The weather conditions have changed compared to the weekend, from the cold and rain – it’s now sunny and pleasant. Drivers have been signing autographs for children and now, they’re making the way out onto track for the track parade.

Here’s what some of the drivers have to say ahead of the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix.

Track Parade – Formula 1 2018 Chinese Grand Prix – LIVE

Lewis Hamilton: “They (the fans) are the best. There’s so much passion, there’s so much energy and they come out here with so much support. Kimi used to have a lot of fans here and now it’s nice to see that the fans have taken over.”

Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t know who’s going to win – it’s going to be a long race. Both Mercedes and Red Bull are strong.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “The best place to start is to have a good position and we have to see the little things to look out for. You take what you can and I will keep trying.”

Sebastian Vettel: “There’s a lot of support – German flags, Ferrari flags – it’s good for us both (him and Raikkonen) so we will see what we can do.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “The support is nice to see – even though we it doesn’t give us anything in the first lap – it’s very nice to see.”

Max Verstappen: “I’m just going to be Max. There’s nothing to change. We are preparing our race workout in Monaco next week. Hopefully with the strategy we have, we can deliver, they look very strong at the front but we will give it our shot.”

Nico Hulkenberg: “We will see – it’s very different today and hopefully we will have a good race. I’m good on all compounds – it’s just the car (laughs).”


Ferrari have changed their pit-stop routine – going through all the changes they planned to make on Thursday which have since been approved by the FIA.

PIT LANE OPEN – Formula 1 2018 Chinese Grand Prix – LIVE

The pit lane is now open and drivers are leaving the garage to make their way round the track to line-up on the grid ahead of the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix.

The weather conditions are still sunny and pleasant – a complete contrast to what we had over the weekend.

Did You Know – It’s the first time Mercedes haven’t been on pole here in 7 years!

Niki Lauda: “We have to go full attack today and we will have to see who is better on the tyres. Watch the Red (Ferrari’s), watch the blue (Red Bull) and go for it.”

Romain Grosjean: “The wind is different from yesterday so the car feels quite good.”

Carlos Sainz: “It’s a bit hard on the rear tyres these temperatures but hopefully we can do ok – we have been struggling not he tyres but we will see what we can do.”

Esteban Ocon: “It’s hotter now – hopefully this will give me an advantage as I have new tyres. We have improved a lot.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “All good – we are happy and ready to go.”


Drivers are now getting in their cars ahead of the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix!

 Did You Know? Sebastian Vettel hasn’t won the Chinese Grand Prix since 2009!

 It’s around the 39 degree mark on the track – compared to the weekend which was around 15 degrees so a big difference in temperatures.

Hamilton: “The left, the rear leftist definitely feeling it – surprised we’re doing a one stop? Is this a mental game from Hamilton to Ferrari?

Carlos Sainz also saying the same about his tyres.

FORMATION LAP – Formula 1 2018 Chinese Grand Prix – LIVE

Drivers are now making their way round the circuit – getting their cars ready for the race.

Lap 1

Off we go – Vettel comes across cutting off Raikkonen.

Hamilton and Raikkonen have both dropped back – Verstappen has gained and made his way up to P3.

The two Renault’s are battling too – in P7 and P8

Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Ricciardo.

Lap 2

Verstappen being told to “not be greedy” over the radio after a great start from him.

 Ocon: “Can you see how many places we lost – unbelievable!”

Lap 3

Vettel in the lead – he looks strong and is leading the race. Bottas in P2 however he has dropped back slightly – as has Verstappen.

Lap 10

Everyone seems to be staying in their positions – are they managing their cars and tyres for later in the race? Everything looking steady at the moment with Vettel leading the race.

 Lap 16

Hamilton: “I’m pushing…….. I’m trying to keep up!”

 Lap 18

Verstappen comes into the pits – he goes onto the medium tyres. Daniel Ricciardo also comes into the pits and again, on the medium tyres.

Lap 19

Hamilton now comes into the pits.

Bottas now comes into the pits – is this Mercedes replying to Red Bull? Remember – Vettel hasn’t come into the pits yet.

Lap 20

Valtteri comes out ahead of Verstappen – Verstappen flying on his tyres setting a fastest lap time.

Lap 21

Vettel now being called into the pits – Raikkonen takes the lead with Bottas in P2. Vettel comes back out in P3 with Verstappen in P4 and Hamilton in P5.

Lap 22

Bottas is now in front of Vettel – the undercut has worked for the Mercedes team for Bottas at the moment – Hamilton is back in P5 behind Verstappen who’s also flying after his pit stop.

Lap 27

Bottas now makes his way past Raikkonen. Vettel also makes his way past Raikkonen however doesn’t quite make it past Bottas – at the moment.

 Lap 31

SAFETY CAR following the incident between the two Toro Rosso’s.

Both Red Bull’s come into the pits – Mercedes and Ferrari not able to bring their cars in.

Lap 33

Hamilton asking his team if cars have come into the pits for new tyres.

Hamilton: “Is it me or do a bunch of cars around me have new tyres?”

Lap 35

The Safety Car will be coming in at the end of the lap.

Team to Vettel: “Mind your safety car time. Manage your tyres.”

 Lap 36

Fernando Alonso battling with Romain Grosjean – staying in the lead.

A good start for Bottas – he remains in the lead for now.

The two Force India’s nearly come together – almost taking out Vandoorne too.

Hamilton now under pressure from Verstappen. Hamilton up into P3

 Raikkonen closing the gap to Verstappen too.

Lap 37

Ricciardo now makes his way past Raikkonen – that was a good move!

Lap 38

DRS has now been enabled.

Verstappen trying to make his way past Hamilton – the two battling however Verstappen gets too close and suddenly goes off-track. He’s now behind Ricciardo.

Lap 39

Ricciardo being told to get Hamilton – he’s on fresh tyres and closing the gap to Hamilton now.

Lap 40

Ricciardo now makes his way past Hamilton – Team to Ricciardo: “God job mate, keep pushing.”

Lap 41

The team now telling Ricciardo to go after Vettel – he’s looking strong after this pit-stop.

Lap 42

Ricciardo now makes his way past Sebastian Vettel – after a dreadful weekend, Ricciardo is in P2!

Lap 44

What a disaster! Verstappen tries to make a move – hitting Vettel.

Raikkonen and Hamilton now make their way past.

Lap 46

Ricciardo up into P1!

It’s Ricciardo, Bottas, Raikkonen and Hamilton.

Vettel down in P7.

Verstappen should get a penalty for that move – it was an impatient move.

Team to Vettel: “Don’t give up” giving their driver motivation after an unfortunate incident which wasn’t his fault.

Lap 47

TIMED PENALTY FOR MAX VERSTAPPEN – 10 second penalty for the move on Vettel.

Daniel Ricciardo now sets the fastest lap time. After the weekend (and overall start to the season) he’s looking strong. Making bold moves – with respect for the drivers he’s battling against.

Lap 50 

Ricciardo leading the race – things are looking steady at the moment. Verstappen has made his way past Hamilton too – both knowing that there is a 10 second penalty for Hamilton so not much of a battle.

Lap 52

The top 3 drivers at the moment – Ricciardo, Bottas and Raikkonen.

Lap 55

 Fernando Alonso now makes his way past Sebastian Vettel who’s dropped back.

Vettel questioning whether his move was intentional.


Daniel Ricciardo leads the final lap – he’s set the fastest lap time. Bottas in P2 and Raikkonen in P3.

Even though we have Verstappen in P4 – don’t forget he has a 10+ second timed penalty which will be added to his race afterwards. Lewis Hamilton in P5 which is disappointing overall.


Podium Interview – 2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo: “I don’t know what it is – I don’t win boring races so that was unexpected. 24 hours ago, I thought we might be starting at the back of the grid. Thank you to everyone who worked on the car – I thanked them yesterday but this is the real reward.”

“It all happened very quickly – winning moves from the team so thankful that I got the win.”

Valtteri Bottas: “Yeah you know, the race was going pretty well of us. We were looking strong but doing the safety car stop – we were in trouble so it is disappointing. We gave everything we had, we could have done it but this is racing and these things happen.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “I didn’t have a good start and struggled a little bit. On my own – it wasn’t too bad but ten when we started to race. In the end we were on the soft tyres and it was kind of OK but we had much more speed and when we got close I could make it past.  I didn’t make a good move after and got stuck – we were lucky with the safety car.”

 Toto Wolff: “Valtteri deserved to win the race – he had a good day and a good race. The luck has gone against us for the beginning of this season but that’s how it is. I think we had a good race – the 2 cars (Red Bull) were bold enough to pit, we wern’t and they deserved the win for that.”

“In the first stint – there was no overtaking. In regards to the pit, 30 minutes after the race – we should have pitted him.”

“These types of races make my day a lot more stressful. I need a beer!”

Christian Horner: “I mean it’s easy to forget that Formula 1 is a team sport. It all has to work and in 2 hours yesterday – we made it work and today we had 2 sets of pit-stops with doubling up the drivers, thats why we sent our number 1 mechanic up there as this wouldn’t be achieved without them.”

“Daniel has been clinical in a way – his passing moves and in Turn 14. He just got the job done. It’s a team effort and everybody had to play their role.”

“Max is young, he’s hungry – an exciting talent and he’s still learning. He’s going to take a lot of lessons away from this race.”

“We have a really fast car – it’s a chaotic race Azerbaijan. We have 2 great drivers and a lot of great opportunities coming up.”

Brief Driver Reaction

Sebastian Vettel: “I didn’t see him until the end – I thought he would come earlier but he made a mistake, he locked up and we have tailwind down there – he misjudged and compromised both of our results. He’s not a young driver anymore.”

Max Verstappen: “I was struggling with the tyres and locked the rear tyres so went into him. It’s easy to say after that I should have waited but yeah – that’s how it is. We have all been in that position and that situation and we should be able to talk about it. I need to go away and think about the situation for the next races.”

 Lewis Hamilton: “I had no pace today. I was just trying to hold on with whatever I had. I had the older tyre on and I was running out with it. I’m not sure. On my side but also us as a team – we’ve been underperforming.”

“Yesterday and today was a disaster on my side. I need to work and back to performing otherwise we’ll be losing valuable points.”

Brief Driver Press Conference (More coming soon)

Daniel Ricciardo: “The team double stopped the cars and that gave us a little bit of grip – we didn’t think it would last that long but once we had the pace, I wasn’t going to let that go. It was a lot of fun – I don’t know what to say. After yesterday, I thought we would be starting at the back so I’m happy for the mechanics too.”

Daniel Ricciardo: “The plan is to hold off for as long as possible (in terms of contracts) – all three teams have had their moments and it’s always good to have a win so it’s a good day.”

Valtteri Bottas:“We have to take positives – it’s not what we aim for. As a team, we did a good job with the undercut, the timing was perfect but we lost the win in the end. We were the first car to do the one stop but the initial feeling at the moment is disappointment as we lost the race.”

 Lots more coming this afternoon so make sure you check back for all the latest!

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