FREE PRACTICE: 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)


FREE PRACTICE: 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)

Location: Azerbaijan, Baku

Race: 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Circuit: Baku City Circuit – also known as Baku Street Circuit

MERCEDES – FREE PRACTICE: 2018  Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)

Valtteri Bottas

Free Practice 1: 1st – 1:44.242

Free Practice 2: 4th – 1:43.570


Valtteri Bottas: “FP1 was better than FP2 because I think we were missing a bit of pace in the second session compared to Ferrari and Red Bull. It was quite difficult to get a lap together, even my best lap today was a bit messy.”

“If we get everything right, the car is quick – we have plenty of things to look at tonight so that we make the right changes for tomorrow and Sunday. The fact that we’re here in Back earlier than in previous years definitely affects the tyres but my biggest concern is the wind.”

“It’s supposed to be very windy tomorrow and on Sunday which will make a lot of difference on a street circuit.”

Lewis Hamilton

Free Practice 1: 4th – 1:45.200

Free Practice 2: 5th – 1:43.603


Lewis Hamilton: “It’s been a smooth day. We got through everything we needed without many mistakes and we gathered lots of information. It started out quite warm but cooled down in the afternoon which made it interesting to try and understand the tyres in both conditions.”

“Overall, we weren’t quick enough today – both Red Bull and Ferrari seem to be ahead of us at the moment so we’ve got some work to do. I’m going to be knocking on the doors of all the engineers overnight so that we can hopefully make the right changes.

James Allison: “It was a day of learning at this very unusual track. Even though we’ve made progress – we’ve got lots more to do tonight in order to be able to take the fight to the very fast Red Bull.”

“We have plenty of directions to head in and I’m looking forward to the remainder of the weekend which we’re sure is going to be a very competitive one.”

MCLAREN – FREE PRACTICE: 2018  Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)

Fernando Alonso

Free Practice 1: 7th – 1:46.465

Free Practice 2: 6th – 1:43.700


Fernando Alonso: “Ours was a comfortable car to to drive today – that’s always important on a street circuit where you have to attack the corners and feel confident in the car.”

“Today, we had a car that performed well in all three sectors – each of which is fairly unique.”

“This weekend’s updates were introduced in order to help deal with the circuit’s characteristics and seem to be working as we expected. It feels like we have found a bit more speed compared to the last few races so I’m fairly happy as we weren’t compromised in either corners or the slow-speed sector.”

“I was also lucky on my first lap – running behind Nico (Hulkenberg) as he began his quick-lap, so I gained a couple of tenths in final sector.”

“It’s going to be as tough as ever to make it into Q3 tomorrow but this is actually one of those races where you don’t really now is starting ninth or 10th is actually better than starting 11th or 12th and getting a free choice of fresh tyre.”

Stoffel Vandoorne

Free Practice 1: 19th – 1:47.967

Free Practice 2: 19th – 1:45.288


Stoffel Vandoorne: “It’s been a positive day – we tried a few new bits on the car so our main focus was understanding and exploiting them. There’s a lot of learning still to be done and a lot of improvements to be made but I think the progress we have made today shows as we’re going in the right direction.”

“From my side, it feels much better than it looks on the time-sheets. We didn’t get a proper run on the Ultrasoft tyre, encountering some traffic and I had a little brush against the wall too so I wasn’t able to improve over the time I set on the Supersoft.”

“There’s definitely more to come. Hopefully we can put all the pieces together and have a positive result tomorrow.”

SAUBER – FREE PRACTICE: 2018  Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku)

Marcus Ericsson
Free Practice 1: 17th – 1:47.973

Free Practice 2: 20th – 1:46.042

Marcus Ericsson: “It was not the best Friday for me. FP1 was good, but then in FP2 we had to cut the session short due to a problem we had on the car.”

“Unfortunately, I was only able to complete a few laps during my first run. It is a bit disappointing because it looks like there is good potential there for us.”

“On the positive side, we were in the mix with the midfield during FP1. We should be able to bounce back tomorrow and have a stronger day.”

Charles Leclerc

Free Practice 1: 16th – 1:46.875

Free Practice 2: 16th – 1:44.940

Charles Leclerc: “It was an ok day overall. We had two quite positive sessions.”

“Our race pace looks good, and we still have a bit of work to do in preparation for tomorrow’s qualifying. It is generally an interesting track in terms of tyre management.”

“Given the possibility of a change in weather for the next two days it may become even more interesting. I look forward to being back in the car.”

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