2017 Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report


Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Here is your Qualifying report with a round-up of all the action from Qualifying earlier today ahead of the Formula 1 Grande Premio do Brasil 2017 at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo.

Below you can see what drivers and teams had to say following the Qualifying Session which was red-flagged due to an incident in Q1.

Mercedes – Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report 

Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas – 1st 

“It was so close in qualifying, as it always tends to be here in Brazil. I knew going into that last run in Q3 that I had to improve if I wanted to be on pole. I could feel and see that I was improving corner after corner. It’s such a good feeling to get everything together in the end.”

“It was very unfortunate that Lewis wasn’t there for Q2 and Q3 so it was up to me to deliver for the team and I’m very happy that I could. I have the clear goal to still try and become second in the Drivers’ Championship.”

“Having a good target makes everyone in the team work harder – including myself. It’s going to be important to have a good, clean race tomorrow but it won’t be easy. The Ferrari’s are very quick as well.”

“Turn 1 and 2 are always tricky in Interlagos but hopefully I will get a good getaway so there won’t be any issues – it’s only my third pole position so I will very much like the view from the starting line tomorrow.”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton – 20th (No Time Set)

“I’m not really sure what happened, it all happened very quickly but I take full responsibility. Of course, today is not the result that I would hope for but challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them makes life meaningful.”

“It is unfortunate but it is what it is. I am just going to try and take the bubble of negativity that comes from that experience, learn from it and move forward – years ago, I came from quite far behind and had a great race so I will try and have as much fun as possible tomorrow.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

“That was an unusual session – it started out pretty badly and finished pretty well. First of all, a brilliant job from Valtteri. It was a great lap from Sebastian in Q3 so Valtteri had to pull out all the stops to claim pole position.”

“After a tough night for a number of our boys following on from yesterday evening’s incident, this was the perfect reward for their professionalism and dedication.”

“It was a tough session for Lewis and obviously very unusual for him to not set a time in qualifying – rather than focusing on the shunt, I was struck by the way he went straight to Parc Ferme to be the first to congratulate Valtteri on his pole position.”

“That’s a small example of our team spirit and the trust between two team-mates. Now, it’s all eyes on tomorrow’s race – Lewis has a mountain t climb but if anybody can, he can. For Valtteri – there is only one target.”

“It will be an exciting race but we will be aiming to come out on top.”

Ferrari – Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel – 2nd 

“We have improved since Friday and that’s the important thing – I was happy with my car today but in my last run, I was perhaps a bit too shy in braking for the first corner.”

“I had a better run at the end of my out-lap so there was probably more grip than I expected there. In the last sector, I knew I could make up for some of the lost time and I did but it just wasn’t enough.”

“However, it was all very close and we’re usually even closer in race conditions so my motivation is high for tomorrow and I’ll be aiming for a win.”

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen – 3rd

“The feeling with the car was good most of the time but somehow the laps were always a little bit tricky, with everybody trying to get their free space.”

“When the tyres switched on well, everything was a lot easier but with the traffic in the out-lap it was not always the case. Some sets were feeling better than others purely because of having a bit better out-lap. It was a bit hard to trust them and not get a front lock-up at the first corner.”

“Overall, the car itself was nice to drive when the tyres worked so it’s a bit of a shame, it’s not the most straightforward qualifying but in the end, it was a decent result.”

“I think we did a solid job today, we can consider this a good team result – for sure, there was more to get but the race is tomorrow and it’s going to be long. For the start, we’ll try our best – the first corner is quite tight so we’ll try to make a good start and see what we can get.”

Red Bull – Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen – 4th

“I think we maximised the result in qualifying today but we were just not fast enough. In general the pace has been simply not quite good enough across the whole weekend. I think both Daniel and I have been chasing the car balance and we could never find the full grip and potential.”

“In qualifying, the grip was a little bit better but we lost a lot of time on the straights here and I think there are also one or two tenths we could have found. I never expected to beat Ferrari and Mercedes on this track as it’s just not strong for us but I did expect to be a little closer.”

“For sure, I would love some rain in the race but I don’t think it looks like that’s going to happen – maybe I will do some praying tonight!”

“We may need a bit of luck to be honest but you never know what can happen up front – it can still be an exciting race.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo – 5th

“A kind of mysterious Saturday really. Normally, in past years, Fridays were never good for us and then we improved in Qualifying.”

“Lately, Fridays have been pretty comfortable but then on Saturday, we often lose out – I think we were better on the soft tyre in Qualifying today but I’m sure something was up with the last set of supersets I had in Q3 as I had vibrations as soon as I left the pits.”

“That was a little bit frustrating because I didn’t really feel I could work with too much out there – we start on the softs so hopefully that will help us tomorrow.”

“I’ve got to try and charge through the field and I think we’ll have a good race car – Lewis is starting behind me so we’ll see. If Mercedes is as quick as they have been all weekend I might see if we can get a bumper on the front of Lewis’ car and he can push me up the field (laughs).”

Christian Horner – Team Principal 

“An uneventful Qualifying for us today and we finished where we expected to be. Both drivers had a few issues with grip around the circuit and with temperatures being what the were – to qualify fourth and fifth respectively for Max and Daniel is the maximum which we could have hoped for.”

“With Max on the second row of the grid, he will take any opportunity he can to make early progress, while Daniel, whose penalties mean he will start down the grid, will be up for the challenges of moving through the field quickly and closing in on the leaders.”

With Lewis also starting at the back, tomorrow’s Grand Prix could be very interesting indeed.”

McLaren – Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Fernando Alonso 


Fernando Alonso – 7th 

“I’m happy with P7 today, particularly because it was a difficult qualifying.”

“The conditions were very tricky and you can see drops of rain on the visor – that takes some confidence away even when the asphalt is completely dry so you have to trust what the car is doing and commit to the corner even though your mind is saying something different.”

“Yesterday, we weren’t completely happy with the balance of the car and with the performance but today, the car stepped up and we were more competitive.”

“P6 is fantasying for a starting point and for scoring points but we know that Hamilton and Ricciardo will come back very strongly tomorrow – I’ll try to defend as much as possible and even though tomorrow we expect a sunny day and completely dry position we will do what we can to hold on our position.”

“A little bit of rain is always welcome for us – we seem to be more competitive in damp conditions but being in the Top 10 tomorrow is our goal – Saturday has been great, lets’ see what Sunday brings.”

Stoffel Vandoorne


Stoffel Vandoorne – 13th

“I’m not 100% satisfied with today – it was a bit of a strange session for us. My qualifying started well and I had good rhythm straight away in Q1.”

“I had decent pace and was going quicker with each run then in Q2, I had some difficulties with getting the tyres to work and I’m not too sure why that is. With the final set of tyres on my last run, we didn’t really manage to improve and we need to delve into the data later to see if we can work out why.”

“It’s been very difficult to predict the weather this weekend and it’s always a little bit better for us when the weather is mixed-up so we’ll have to wait and see what the conditions are like tomorrow.”

“We’re starting from 12th so let’s see what’s possible – we know that it’s difficult to overtake but from where we’re starting, there’s always a chance for points, if we can get a good start and drive the perfect race then maybe it will be possible.”

Eric Boullier – Racing Director

“Fernando’s qualifying effort was genuinely brilliant today – he looked fantastically committed all weekend and has been really flinging the car around this track with incredible passion and dedication. His seventh position (sixth on the grid) was a genuine reflection of the car’s pace – he’s been in the Top 10 all weekend and once he’d dialled out the understeer that had been affecting the balance, he was able to demonstrate the potential this afternoon.”

“Starting from sixth and mindful of the promising pace we showed yesterday in our race simulations – we think he’s set for a good showing tomorrow.”

“Stoffel has been stoically soldiering on despite suffering from overnight food poisoning and that’s understandably taken it’s toll on him – but he still drove well.”

“Without a perfect balanced car, it can be tricky to get a perfect lap around here and Stoffel felt like he didn’t quite manage to find that sweet spot today.”

“Nevertheless, he too feels the potential in the car and will be pushing like crazy tomorrow.”

Sauber – Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifying Report

Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson – 19th 

“It was a pretty decent day for us. We were in the fight with the lower midfield and we knew that Q2 was possible if we got it together perfectly – it was close but not close enough.”

“We may move up some positions on the grid because of the penalties and tomorrow is a new day so the race could be a good one.”

Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal Wehrlein – 16th 

“I am satisfied with today’s result – I have had some issues with the car balance over the last weekends and some parts have been changed for this weekend.”

“The car feels as it should again and I feel very confident on track. Today’s qualifying result was a good one – we were very close to Q2 and that makes me go into the race with a very positive feeling.”

“It will be very important to have a good start tomorrow and I will give it my all to finish the Grand Prix in a good position.”

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