Brazil Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE


Brazil Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE

It’s the penultimate race weekend and we’re getting ready for the Brazil Grand Prix with the qualifying session about to begin.

Qualifying 1 – Brazil Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE

The green lights are on and drivers are making their way out onto the track.

Lewis Hamilton hits the barriers – Qualifying 1 has been red-flagged and he’s OUT of Qualifying, starting the race from last.


Hamilton Qualifying Brazil Accident

Team to Hamilton – “Are you ok Lewis?

Hamilton – “Yeah, I’m OK guys.”

Losing the rear of the car on the corner, he hits the barriers with quite a bit of force.

Drivers are now waiting in the pit-lane to restart the qualifying session.

Hamilton Brazil – Mercedes F1 Twitter

Hamilton is back in the pits as the session resumes.

Verstappen and Vettel are both setting great lap times – they’re looking like the strongest two at the moment. Bottas is currently in P3 and Raikkonen in P4 but this is only Qualifying 1 so things are set the change as the time goes on.

Fernando Alonso is currently in P5.

Max Verstappen saying there is a slight problem with his engine, he can feel something as he shifts gears.

 Team to Raikkonen – ” We are safe Kimi, we are safe we’re just wondering about the 9 minutes to go in case you need to go back out.”

Raikkonen – “What do you mean? I’m boxing this lap.”

With 1 minute to go, Kimi Raikkonen is currently at the top of the time sheets followed by Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo making up the top 5 drivers.

Knock Out Zone






Drivers are now making their way back to the pits and getting ready for the next round which will take place in just a few minutes.

Qualifying 2 – Brazil Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE

The session has started and drivers are now making their way back out onto the track.

Max Verstappen reporting to the team that there’s “light drizzle” on the track but nothing too drastic.

Verstappen has now stopped at the pit-lane entry – his team have now come to push him into the garage, it was a little mix up between him and Fernando Alonso with neither knowing who’s being told to stop at one side by the staff members.

 There’s 8 minutes to go until the end of the Q2 and at the moment, Valtteri Bottas is leading the time-sheets with Vettel and Raikkonen right behind.

 The weather conditions have changed since yesterday – from sunshine to drizzle. The conditions are always unpredictable at Brazil and that’s what drivers love.

Just as the flag starts to wave – Vettel tops the time sheets going first fastest ahead of Q3.

Knock Out Zone






The drivers are now making their way back into the pits with the remaining 10 drivers getting ready for Q3.

Qualifying 3 – Brazil Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE 


Teams and drivers are now getting ready for Q3 – the surprise is still that Lewis Hamilton is out of Qualifying due to an incident in Q1 seeing him lose the rear-end of the car, going straight into the barriers.

Drivers are now making their way back out onto the track – making their way through the pit-lane and onto the track.

The final driver to make his way onto the track is Perez who’s currently on his out-lap.

Drivers were in the pits waiting to come back out.

There’s now more drizzle on track and in the last minute, drivers have all started to leave the pits for their final laps.

Valtteri Bottas is on POLE – he will be starting the Brazil Grand Prix from P1, taking pole away from his closest rival, Sebastian Vettel.

As we saw, Vettel didn’t have the best lap-time, giving Mercedes the opportunity to claim P1.

Team to Alonso – “Good work Fernando, you qualified in P7 but will be starting in P6 due to Ricciardo’s penalty”

Alonso – “YES! YES!”

Team to Bottas – “Yes mate, that’s pole position.”

Bottas – “YES!”

Hamilton goes out on track to congratulate his team-mate for pole position.

Question – Valtteri, well done you – how do yo feel?

Bottas – “I feel good, a little bit shaky but it’s good. Obviously Lewis was out on the beginning which wasn’t good for us but that gave us the opportunity to get pole. It’s good to start on pole here and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Question – What’s your weight Sebastian?

Vettel – “That’s a very personal question, how much do you weigh? With or without your helmet? (Laughs)”

Question – How do you feel the last lap went?

Vettel – “I think I chickened out a little bit on the last corner, the lap was fine and I knew that I had a little bit left there but didn’t maximise the potential. I think it was OK – there is always something you could have done and in the long run we looked good but we will look to tomorrow and hope for a good race.”

Raikkonen – “This lap could have been better, the tyres were not in the right window for the first few laps but it was so, so – it could have been better. Yeah, I think we improved and the weather can change quickly so we will see what happens tomorrow. We will see what the race is like and we will just do our best.”

Top 10 drivers for the Brazil Grand Prix tomorrow.





Ricciardo *






Riccardo has a penalty and will drop down the grid – hence the excitement of Fernando Alonso who moves up to P6 for the Brazil Grand Prix tomorrow.

 More coming soon.

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