2017 Brazilian Grand Prix LIVE – Formula 1 Grande Premio Heineken Do Brasil 2017


2017 Brazilian Grand Prix LIVE – Formula 1 Grande Premio Heineken Do Brasil 2017

It’s the penultimate race weekend and it’s nearly time for the Brazilian Grand Prix – let’s take a look at all the latest from the paddock below.

UPDATE – Lewis Hamilton will be starting the race from the pit lane (See all the details in this post)

Drivers are now on-track for the drivers parade ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

2017 Brazil Grand Prix Parade – Image From Mercedes AMG Petronas Twitter

The weather conditions are lovely at the moment – sky is blue, weather is warm and the sun is shining.

 Felipe Massa has announced that he is ending his career in Formula 1 however he has had offers from Formula E and other motorsports which he is considering so it’s more than likely that we will be seeing him in another sport next year.

Drivers are now on track with their teams and getting ready for the formation lap.

Team is speaking to Raikkonen – he’s had a little issue but the team are working on his car and it looks like things are resolved for the race.


Drivers are now making their way round the formation lap – Raikkonen looks OK at the moment as his team were woking on the car due to a little issue.

 Lap 1

Hamilton is now lining up on the pit lane as the drivers are lining up on the grid.

Sebastian Vettel has an incredible start – making his way past Bottas on the first corner.

Ricciardo left the track after some contact – team asking if he’s sure any damage as he joins the track.

There’s a Safety Car after an incident between Grosjean and Con – the two come together.

Lap 2

Ricciardo now comes into the pits and with all the havoc in the first lap, Hamilton has made his way up into P16.

Vandoorne is out of the race along with Magnussen and Ocon.

Lap 3

There’s a safety car in this lap with drivers making their way through the pit-lane as the track is cleared after the accidents on the opening first lap.

Team to Alonso – “Wehrlein and Ricciardo have pitted, they might try to go to the end of the race.”

 Lap 5

Verstappen – “It’s sunny”

Vettel has now backed everyone up and is opening the gap as the race resumes again.

Hamilton is making his way through the grid, making his way past Brandon Hartley and is up into P13.

Lap 7

After his first lap accident – Ricciardo is now making his way through the grid too, making his way past Grosjean and is up into P16.

 Lap 8

Hamilton is steadily making his way through the grid – he’s now up into P10 and gaining on Sainz who’s in front of him in P9. Weather conditions are still sunny and warm.

Lap 9

Top 3 drivers – Vettel, Bottas and Raikkonen.

Lap 11

Ricciardo is steadily making his way through the grid. Alonso is currently stuck behind Massa.

Team to Ricciardo – “Good work mate, that’s great stuff – Gasly is the next one.”

Lap 13

The incident between Vandoorne, Magnussen and Ricciardo will be investigated after the race.

Lewis Hamilton is picking off the drivers, he’s not up into P8 and closing the gap to Perez.

Lap 14

Hamilton now makes his way past Perez – he’s up into P7 and still making his way up the grid.

Ricardo has now made his way up into P11 and is closing the gap to Carlos Sainz who’s now in front of him – and by the time this is written, Ricciardo makes his way past Sainz in an effortless move.

Lap 15

 Verstappen – “I’m faster than Kimi but stuck at the moment.”

Team to Versteppen – “Ok, understood.”

We’re hearing from sources that Robert Kubica will be a driver at Williams next season but it hasn’t been announced yet.

Lap 16

Hamilton – “I can see that Vettel is pulling away.”

Team to Hamilton – “Yes but we’re expecting him to start tyre management.”

Lap 17

Raikkonen reporting that things are OK at the moment – he’s in P3 and managing his race despite issues earlier which his team was working on prior to the race start.

Lap 19

Hamilton is now closing the gap to Fernando Alonso in P6 – by the looks of Mercedes’ Twitter account, they want to see an “epic battle” between the two….

Lap 20

Hamilton now makes his way past Alonso easily – no battle, no fight, just an easy overtake.

Hamilton has now closed the gap to Massa – he’s making his way through the grid in no time.

Lap 21

Valtteri Bottas has set a new lap record with the team telling him to start closing the gap – putting the pressure on Sebastian Vettel who’s still leading the race.

Verstappen – “Ah, the rear tyres – they’re getting warm.”

Lap 22

Fernando Alonso has now closed the gap to Felipe Massa – he’s right behind but not yet managed to make his way past.

Lap 25

Ericsson and Wehrlein are both on the radio to their teams with Ericsson wanting to get past Wehrlein to which Wehrlein reporting that he has an issue with his tyres.

Hamilton is still making his way through the grid.

Hamilton – “These super softs are really good.”

Lewis Hamilton is up in P5.

Lap 26

Verstappen – “Ah, I’m struggling a lot now.” it might be time for the team to bring him into the pits as he mentioned he was struggling with his tyres earlier.

Verstappen – “I’m struggling a lot now.”

Team to Verstappen – “Okay copy Max”

Lap 28

Bottas and Massa come into the pits – Ferrari are staying out at the moment as they haven’t reported any issues.

Lap 29

Vettel now comes into the pits.

Verstappen also comes into the pits.

Lap 30

Vettel makes his way out onto the grid and JUST manages to keep his place in front of Bottas.

Lap 31

Hamilton saying that his tyres are feeling great – he’s reported no issues whatsoever and is currently leading the race.

Lap 35

 Team to Raikkonen – “Nice lap, quickest man on track” as he sets a great lap.

Vettel takes a few seconds out of Hamilton’s time – he’s in the lead after starting from the pit lane and making his way through the grid.

Vettel, Raikkonen and Bottas have all pitted and changed their tyres but Hamilton has NOT come into the pits yet.

Lap 36

Team to Alonso – “Depending on how you manage the tyres, you should be able to go to the end of the race.”

Alonso – “Yes – we just need to get to DRS and get past Massa.”

Lap 41

Alonso talking to his team about the times of Massa – he’s still behind the driver and looking to make his way past.

Hamilton still leading the race, he hasn’t come into the pits – Mercedes want to keep the driver out for as long as possible.

Hartley being told to pit and retire the car.

Lap 42

Hamilton – “I’m losing time to Vettel.”

Lap 44

Lewis Hamilton now comes into the pits  – Vettel takes the lead again.

That was a quick pit-stop for Mercedes as Hamilton now makes his way back out onto the track.

Ricciardo also comes in for a tyre change.

 Lap 45

Vettel leading the race – he’s maintaining a gap to Bottas yet again.

Lap 46

Team to Hamilton – “OK Lewis, you’re in P5 – we’re chasing a podium at the moment.”

 Lap 49

Hamilton – “Ah, I’ve lost another two seconds behind him.” (Stroll)

Team to Hamilton – “Yeah, we saw that.”

Lap 50

Top 5 drivers at the moment – Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen Verstappen, Hamilton

Vettel leading the race – now making their way through the back-markers.

 Lap 53

Team to Grosjean – “Box now Romain, box.”

Grosjean – “WHAT!? Why?”

Team to Grosjean – “For the incident with Ocon – box now.”

Grosjean – “You must be kidding me, you must be kidding me.”

Lap 55


Verstappen – “These tyres are feeling like rocks now”

Team to Versteppen – “Do you think you can cope with setting plus and tyre management?”

Verstappen – “No”

Ricciardo also reporting a little issue on his tyres – the team are discussing the similarities to the temperatures with Verstappen.

Lap 56

Fernando Alonso has now started to close the gap to Massa.

Lap 59

Hamilton has closed the gap to Verstappen – with a little battle, Hamilton now makes his way past and is up into P5.

Team to Versteppen – “There was nothing you could do about that Max, we just need to bring this home now.”

Team to Hamilton – “Well done mate – P4 now.”

 Lap 62

Verstappen – “Can we make a pit stop?”

Team to Versteppen – “As things are, we’d rather you stay out as you won’t be able to come in and make your way back out and in place.”

Lap 63

Team to Bottas – “Vettel has been told to manage his tyres so if there’s anything left – let’s go and attack him.”

Lewis Hamilton setting fastest lap times – he’s putting the pressure on Raikkonen who’s in P3 at the moment.

Lap 67

 With 5 laps remaining, Mercedes seem to be putting the pressure on Ferrari at the moment.

Lap 68

Hamilton has really closed the gap to Raikkonen.

Lap 69

After a huge lock-up at the first corner, Lance Stroll makes his way back to the pits as his front-left tyre burst.

Lap 70

2 laps remaining and Hamilton is right behind Raikkonen – can he make his way past or can Raikkonen defend his position? The pressure is on.

Vettel has started to widen the gap to Bottas again.

Lap 71


Raikkonen is defending his position from Hamilton.

Making his way through the final corner – Sebastian Vettel WINS the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Raikkonen manages to defend his position and is on the podium in P3.

Fernando Alonso doesn’t manage to make his way past Massa and finishes the race in P8.

Team to Vettel – “Yes! We won it – great race.”

Vettel – “Grazie – thank you guys!”

Podium Interviews

Sebastian Vettel – “Initially I had a good getaway but then I had wheel spin and I thought I lost my chance, I was trying everything and it’s nice to get this result for everyone here and back at Maranello.”

Valtteri Bottas – “Very disappointing that we lost the race at the start and now we look forward to Abu Dhabi.”

Kimi Raikkonen – “I had a little bit of tricky balance in the first set of tyres and at the second was very good – it’s not possible to get past here if you don’t have the speed but Hamilton got close to me and I wasn’t too worried as I had a good run in the last corner.”

Sebastian Vettel – “For now, it’s a great release – it was a tough race and I was talking with Valtteri as our pace was pretty much the same. We will have a drink here and then see what’s coming.”

More coming soon!

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