2017 Brazil Grand Prix – Driver Interviews (After Race)


2017 Brazil Grand Prix – Driver Interviews (After Race)

With the penultimate race weekend over, we’re now looking forward towards the final race for the 2017 Formula season – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Before we leave Brazil, take a look at what drivers had to say following the race as they spoke to the media.

Ferrari – Brazil Grand Prix 

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel – 1st

“That wasn’t easy – it might have looked flawless from the outside but it wasn’t that easy inside. I was pushing all the way and I think Valtteri was doing the same. The team (Mercedes) told him to apply a lot of pressure and he did – it was crucial to get ahead and it’s fair enough to say that they were maybe a bit quicker.”

“The team worked brilliantly in the pit-lane and I was really happy with my approach on the way in because I’ve had a few wobbles this year and at times, it doesn’t help the guys if the car doesn’t come in perfect position – the pit stop itself was really quick and I got going – I was told that things would be close and the pit exit was probably the most exciting corner – it was very close and I’m happy that it worked out.”

“In those first few laps of the second stint, I was able to stretch a bit of a gap and control that until the end but basically, we had the same pace and the key was to make sure that the middle sector, we always got a gap – just to make things a little tougher for them. Fortunately he never got in range with DRS – it was close but not enough.”

“Nevertheless, it was a really tough race, we nearly got both cars ahead of the Mercedes and it was close with Kimi and Valtteri but with both cars on the podium, I’m very happy for the team.”

“I want to dedicate this win to all of the team – to all of the guys here and those who have been working in Maranello, it’s been very hard for us but today it was a great day and I want to thank my team and our Tifosi – hopefully we’ll have a good race in Abu Dhabi.”

Kimi Raikkonen 


Kimi Raikkonen – 3rd

“My start was pretty average and I had some wheel-spin at the beginning, I was happy that I didn’t lose any places and after the first fifteen laps, after the pit stop, I was happy with my car.”

“I expected that improvement because I knew that the soft tyres would be really strong and it was easy to keep up with the guys in front and at the same time, look after my tyres too.”

“At some point, I tried to push and I got closer – I felt like we had a lot of speed today in these conditions but there was no way that I could get past – it was a bit frustrating.”

“Obviously we could have finished one place up but it’s a great result for the team – the car has been strong all weekend and we have been strong almost everywhere this year but in a few races we obviously had some difficulties but as a team, I think we can be proud and we are now building ourselves for next year.”

Maurizio Arrivabene – Team Principal Ferrari

“Already yesterday in qualifying it was clear that the car was quick and well prepared – today we got the confirmation that we have a very good car at our disposal.”

“The results of this race is down to the great job carried out by the team, both here at the track and also back at Maranello – not forgetting the drivers, who on the day, know how to step up to the mark.”

“Now, our next challenge is in Abu Dhabi and we are still determined to give it our all – right to the very end.”

Mercedes – Brazil Grand Prix 

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas – 2nd 

“I think we lost the race in the first corner – when I dropped the clutch at the start initially, there was less grip than I expected so I broke the traction and got some wheel-spin. See managed to getaway better and got on the inside – that is unfortunate because the race pace between us and the Ferrari was very close today.”

“When we went on the softs, we tried the undercut but there was no way to get past – we wanted to attack at the very end but again, when I was trying ti pick up the pace, there was nothing left in the tyres.”

“I had very high hopes for today but if you look at the positives, it has been a much better weekend for me personally on a while and it was not a bad result for the team, looking at the position Lewis started today – so, that’s good.”

Lewis Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton – 4th

“I had a great time. I enjoyed the race very much – I had so much pace today and it would have been an easy win this weekend so on the one side, I’m disappointed that I put myself in the worst position for today but yesterday is behind me and today has been very positive.”

“I had a lot of fun and it felt like the go-karting days where I would always start at the back in my first year and my goal today was just to really try and redeem from yesterday’s mistake to make the team proud and get some points back.”

“I was trying to get to third but I just ran out of tyres by the end – I enjoyed all the battles and hopefully this continues to show everyone that I still have a lot of fire in my heart and in many, many more races to go.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

“My first words today must go to our team members – this has been a weekend of extreme and contrasting emotions for us and then this morning, the guys just came in and rebuilt Lewis’ car from the ground up!”

“It’s been very humbling to see their spirit, resilience and dedication this weekend – it was matched by our two drivers. Valtteri pushed every lap of the race , hanging on to Sebastian but was unable to close in quite enough to claim the lead.”

“Lewis then delivered the best fourth-place finish that I have ever seen – for Valtteri, the race was decided at the start – he got wheel spin which opened the door to Sebastian at Turn 1. For Lewis – he transformed the pit-lane start into one of his best performances of the year.”

“Now, we move onto Abu Dhabi and we will be aiming to finish our season on a high.”

Red Bull Racing – Brazil Grand Prix

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen – 5th 

“In general, this is not a track that suits our car altogether and with the power deficit on the straights, it is very hard for us. You then try and catch up on the corners but you ask too much of the tyres and get more drop-off.”

“Of course, I hoped for more in the race but it was a difficult situation – I think we maximised the result and that was fifth – I didn’t want to drive the last 10 or 15 laps with difficult tyres and at the end of the day, I wasn’t going to lose position so we decided to make a second pit stop.”

“From there, the race was gone but I pushed for the fastest lap – I didn’t get it in Mexico so I’m really pleased that I got to take it here.”

Daniel Ricciardo 


Daniel Ricciardo – 6th

“The start was not ideal – it was quite tight and I saw a space on the outside so I tried to get as much room as I could but I knew that there were two cars on the inside so there was always a risk that they would have contact and then come into me – I think that’s what happened and I don’t regret trying.”

“The start is an opportunity to make up a big chunk of positions and as we were nearly at the back, I had to try something – fortunately, the car didn’t suffer any damage and we just changed the tyres and then I got on with the race and make some good overtakes – it was a good race.”

“Every time I was catching a car, I passed it as soon as I could and there were some good fights – in the end, a comfortable 6th – it was nice seeing the chequered flag as I felt like I got the maximum out of the car today.”

Christian Horner – Team Principal

“A bit of a static race today – we were having tops very hard to try and keep up with the leading pack and that in turn took it’s toll on the tyres. You then become a little bit limited in your stint length and after Max got caught and passed by Hamilton – we made a precautionary stop to get him to the finish.”

“Daniel drove a very strong race as usual and made some great passing moves on the brakes from far back in Turn 1 and finished in P6 which today, was probably the optimum.”

McLaren – Brazil Grand Prix 

Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso – 8th

“Overall, it’s been a happy Brazilian Grand Prix for us – we started 6th and at the first corner we were up to 5th and then we finished in the points – one of our best weekends.”

“I had a fantastic car throughout the whole race, but, ultimately, I just could not overtake – we didn’t have enough speed on the straights and I was very, very close to Felipe a couple of times at the exit of the corners and thought ‘now is the time I can pass him,’ but even though I was using the DRS – he was pulling away.”

“He was very consistent and made zero mistakes, also – being the last lap of Felipe’s last-ever F1 race in Brazil, I wasn’t too sure how hard he would defend! I didn’t have the chance to overtake him anyway and I had to defend Perez from behind too so I was quite happy when I saw the chequered flag.”

Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoffel Vandoorne – DNF

“Definitely not the race I wanted to have. I actually had a really good launch off the grid and then I had a good fight with Ocon and Grosjean and nearly got past them – we almost had an accident there when everyone bunched up.”

“Then, in Turn Two – I got sandwiched by Magnussen and Ricciardo, there was nowhere to go and it was an unfortunate end to my race. From my perspective, there was nowhere I could have gone to avoid the incident.”

“I definitely think that today was a missed opportunity to score some points. Our race pace was good and looked promising on Friday and I felt that – with the track conditions being so got today and after making a strong start, we had a good chance to finish in the points. A shame.”


Eric Boullier – McLaren Racing Director 

“Fernando’s performance was a timely reminder of just what a competitive animal he remains. When he was given the green-light from the strategists to attack Massa, he was utterly relentless – driving each lap as if it were a qualifying lap and narrowing the gap on a lap-by-lap basis.”

“Even if pulling off an overtake might have been tricky, given the limitations of our package, that did nothing to deter him and I’m sure that he could have made it happen – given a handful more laps. It was a fantastic display of controlled, hard driving and a fantastic spectacle to watch – I’m sure fun in the cockpit. Bravo, Fernando!”

“Stoffel was incredibly unlucky – he made a great start and was making progress and then got side-swiped by Kevin Magnussen at the exit of Turn Two. It was a pointless collision and Stoffel was entirely the victim.”

“Still, he’d enjoyed a solid weekend until that moment and will hit back in the final race – in Abu Dhabi in a fortnight’s time.”

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