Mexican Grand Prix Preview 2017


Mexican Grand Prix Preview 2017

Here is all the reaction ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix with your Mexican Grand Prix Preview featuring driver and team interviews.

Ferrari – Mexican Grand Prix Preview

Sebastian Vettel – 1st – Time – 1:16.488

“Obviously I am really happy. I had a perfect lap in the end, even if the track here is difficult and very slippery. It is easy to make mistakes going over the limit here. But I thought to myself that if I could get T1 right, then I’d have a better chance.”

“The last sector was also tricky because you know how easily you can go wide and lose a lot of time, but I managed to push and stay clean.”

“So, I am really happy, especially because other cars were close and it’s nice to hold everybody off. Yesterday the car was not where we wanted to be, but today everything was ok, and I think tomorrow we’ll be quick enough. Let’s see what happens at the start and after that we should have a good race.”

“I know it’s a long way to Turn 1, but overall I am confident because our starts are good. Last weekend it was tough for the whole team because it went through of a lot of work and a lot of changes.”

“This weekend has been better, I think we deserved to get the result today and hope to have a great race tomorrow!”

Kimi Raikkonen – 5th – Time -1:17.238

“It was a pretty difficult qualifying and the result is far from ideal. I struggled to put a decent lap together, I was lacking grip and made mistakes here and there.”

“In some moments it felt good, in others not so, it was very easy to make a mistake. Every time I tried to push a bit more the front end seemed to lock up, especially in the last sector.”

“In Q3 I only tried to get a lap time without any big issues, to be able to get somewhere, but I knew I was slow. Tomorrow is another day, I’m sure it will be better.”

“It’s hard to predict what will happen, but as long as we get a good feeling and the tires are working well we should be ok. Hopefully we’ll make a good start and then see what happens in the straight and in the first corner.”

“We’ll try to stay out of trouble and be in a strong position after that.”

Mercedes – Mexican Grand Prix Preview 2017

Lewis Hamilton – 3rd – 1:16.934

“Pole position was the goal today, but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a difficult session and I think it was a difficult weekend overall.”

‘It is very slippery here; and some of the issues we have with the car are a little bit highlighted by that. I gave it everything I had, but the gap to the front was too big.”

“Our long run pace is definitely better than our qualifying pace, so I’m not worried about that. But you need a big delta to overtake here, so track position is important. It is a long way down to Turn 1, so we should have some fun tomorrow. I’m hoping I’m able to move forward at the start.”

“Afterwards it should be a one-stop strategy. The crowd looks incredible, there’s a lot of energy.”

“It’s such a spectacle from above; I saw the camera from the helicopter. So winning here on Mexican soil would be pretty neat.”


Valtteri Bottas -4th – 1:16.958

“Our qualifying wasn’t good enough; we thought we could fight for the pole. We definitely struggled a bit compared to at least one of the Ferraris and one of the Red Bulls, for some reason they found quite a bit of lap time for Q3.”

“The incident with Max ruined my first lap in Q3; I just couldn’t get back to the normal line for braking. However, I’m still optimistic for the race.”

“We had good long runs yesterday and we’ll have a strong car tomorrow. As a team, we’re starting from the second row, and it’s such a long run into Turn 1 here.”

“Hopefully we can have a good start and use the slipstream to our advantage. It should be an interesting race.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

“First of all, congratulations to Sebastian on a very impressive pole position. We have locked out the second row this afternoon and, to be honest, I’m reasonably satisfied with that.”

“We knew that it would be difficult for us here, running at a high downforce circuit, so the result is okay with that in mind; it feels like we have taken a step forward in these conditions compared to recent races.”

“There were big gaps between team-mates today so it is nice to see our drivers so close together, especially as Valtteri only had one opportunity to set a time in Q3. That shows he is bouncing back in the right way from a difficult run of races.”

“Now we have to look forward to a long race tomorrow. Lewis had a promising long run during second practice, so there are still plenty of opportunities open for us to take.”

Red Bull Racing – Mexican Grand Prix Preview 2017

Daniel Ricciardo – 7th – 1:17.447

“We have been strong all weekend but in qualifying we just didn’t have any grip. I topped the times in FP2 and Max did the same this morning so we didn’t really touch the car from yesterday, but every time I left the pits today I just had no grip.”

“We tried experimenting in Q3 and doing an extra warm-up lap to try and give the tyres something extra, but it seemed that the grip I had when I left the box, was the grip I had until the end of each run.”

“Sometimes you get one set of tyres that you can’t turn on or warm up properly and you might lose some time, but every run it seemed to be the same story. This morning the track was really cold and we were still able to post a time on the first lap, so it should have been a breeze to get the tyres up to temperature this afternoon.”

“If we can get the car back to what we had before Qualifying then I think we can still fight for a podium tomorrow, but this is confusing and we really need to understand what happened in the last hour.”

Max Verstappen – 2nd – 1:16.574

“Another front row qualification so I am pretty satisfied with today’s result. Q2 was really good but somehow we lost a bit in Q3 with the tyres, I couldn’t get them to work and struggled for grip. I would say the Q3 lap was better but I just didn’t have the grip from the previous session.”

“The plan was to abort the first lap in both sessions and use that as a build lap. At the end of the day we are still second and on the front row so no big issue.”

“It is always nice to get a pole position but winning the race is more important. I am confident in the race pace of the car and that we can achieve a good result but we still have to show this tomorrow.”

“Starting on the front row with such a long run into Turn 1 means we can hopefully get away well and ahead. We are usually quicker in the race than Qualifying so I am excited for tomorrow.”

Christian Horner – Team Principal Red Bull Racing

“A really exciting Qualifying in the last session with different options taken in preparing for the timed laps. Max did a build lap on his first run and produced a fantastic lap time.”

“Unfortunately he wasn’t able to improve on it on the second run, and Sebastian just snuck ahead by eight hundredths of a second, nonetheless starting the Mexican Grand Prix on the front row of the grid is a good place to be.”

“Daniel struggled in the low-speed corners comparatively so we need to have a look at that, but we know he’s a great overtaker and he’ll be fighting hard tomorrow.”

McLaren – Mexican Grand Prix preview 2017

Fernando Alonso – 14th – 1:17.710

“I’m extremely happy with the performance of the car so far this weekend. It felt great yesterday and also today, with a lot of grip in the corners and it gave me some good feelings in the high-speed sections, too.”

“In Q1 we proved how strong we are on this track. Being only two tenths off the fastest time shows what a great job McLaren is doing. I felt we had the best car out there today. It was good fun!”

“Obviously saving some tyres in Q2 was the main priority today. With the straight-line deficit we have here, it’s going to be difficult to overtake tomorrow, which is the key point for us.”

“The penalty will hurt massively because starting last we will run behind traffic for the whole race, but we’ll try to be aggressive and if something happens in front of us we’ll take the chance.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – 15th – 1:18.578

“We’re taking penalties this weekend so our focus today was preparing for the race and definitely not on qualifying. Even in Q1 I was running on high fuel to prepare for the race and fine-tune the balance.”

“After the struggles I had with the engine yesterday in FP1 and FP2 – which made it a very difficult and complicated day – today I felt a lot more comfortable in the car from the first moment of FP3, and actually our package is getting stronger and looks reasonably competitive here.”

“Today was a lot more positive for me and a big step forward, and I feel like we’re in a decent shape for the race tomorrow. We’ll be starting from the back so it will be tough, and where we will finish is hard to say.”

“Overtaking in a straight line will be difficult for us so we’ll have to be aggressive, thoughtful and ambitious in the way we drive, and hopefully we can have a strong race.”

“Qualifying was never really a priority for us today so I’m looking forward to the race.”

More coming for the Mexican Grand Prix!

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