McLaren and Honda agree to end their partnership (finally)

McLaren and Honda Agree To End Their Partnership (Finally)

It’s been a disastrous return to Formula 1 for Honda and an even more disastrous partnership for the McLaren racing team who have seen each year from 2015 go from bad-to-worse with reliability problems, performance issues and of course very frustrated drivers.

Whilst 2016 looked like things could be improving for the team, especially towards the end of the season – by 2017 things started in a dreadful manner for McLaren and have continued throughout the year.

The agreed split shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as we know that there has been ongoing talks in the paddock, meetings and discussions about what can be done.

As reported in this post here – it seems that a deal had been agreed in principle between Renault, Toro Rosso and Honda.

With Carlos Sainz switching to the Renault Racing team and Renault ending their contract with Toro Rosso earlier making Honda the new supplier to the Toro Rosso team and allowing McLaren to get the Renault engines along with Red Bull Racing for the 2018 Formula 1 season.

It is now being understood by a variety of sources that the new deal which has been secured by McLaren is a three-year deal with Renault.

We’re now expecting to hear an announcement about Fernando Alonso with many sources suggesting that he will be signing a multi-year extension to his current contract with the team.

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