2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix – LIVE

2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix LIVE

It’s here! It’s one of the most loved yet one of the most challenging tracks on the Formula 1 calendar, it’s the Singapore Grand Prix.

With a thrilling qualifying session and Sebastian Vettel starting on pole, he’s got the two strong Red Bull’s of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo right behind so it looks like it’s going to be a great race ahead.

The drivers are now out on the track parade and below you can see what some of the drivers have to say ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.


TRACK PARADE – Singapore Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo – “I wanted the pole yesterday and there’s a lot of Aussie flags here which is great. I know Seb had a good sleep so we let him have that and ideally – Max takes Seb out at the start (laughs)”

“The track is quite demanding and tonight it’s going to be very physical but the demand and challenge is what I thrive off here and I’m looking forward to it. We have to see how it goes – it looks like there are some wet patches so we will have to see.”

“This track, the laps are so long and you’re always changing the tyres – the balance is very different from the beginning and the end.”

Sebastian Vettel – “It was a very exciting session and we got pole so now we are looking forward to the race. There is still an hour to go before the race and with the weather – we wil have to see how it goes and take it to our stride.”

Lewis Hamilton – “It’s great to be here and I hope it continues to rain. There’s a lot of Ferrari fans here in Singapore but I’m hoping that we can compensate the Mercedes fans.”

“They’re great here (fans) and it’s such a challenging track here mentally and physically. I appreciate the support so much and especially when you don’t expect it in some places. I’m going all out for the start – I don’t want to do anything silly but I have to try and progress to not let Sebastian get ahead.”

Pit Lane OPEN


The Pit Lane is now OPEN and cars are making their way out onto the grid ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

It’s now starting to RAIN – there hasn’t been rain in previous races so this is a first!

Teams are covering their cars with tents and if you’re a Hamilton fan – this is what he wanted. He wanted rain and it’s now raining.

It’s nearly time – drivers are in their cars and getting ready for the Singapore Grand Prix!

Formation Lap – Singapore Grand Prix LIVE

Drivers are now making their way round the track for the formation lap – it’s raining and this is going to be something completely new for the drivers as they’ve never faced these conditions for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Raikkonen – “There’s a lot of spray, the visibility is not great.”

Lap 1

There is a safety car after a big crash at the start.

Verstappen got clipped by the Ferrari’s – both Raikkonen and Vettel.

Vettel and Raikkonen are both OUT of the race.

Verstappen is OUT of the race.

Hamilton now leads the Singapore Grand Prix whilst there’s a safety car out on track.

It was both Ferrari’s fault, both Vettel and Raikkonen blocked Verstappen (who had a great start) and caused havoc at the start.

Vettel just managed to get away with Raikkonen hitting Verstappen again, also hitting Alonso at the first corner / turn.

Vettel then spins, hits the wall and loses his front wing – he’s out of the race.

Lap 4

Team to Hamilton – “This race is about getting the car home in one piece Lewis.”

Hamilton – “I realise that Bono, I realise that.”

The safety car will be coming in at the end of this lap.

Lap 5

Hamilton leading the race with Ricciardo right behind along with Hulkenberg who’s up into 3rd following the disastrous start.

Lewis Hamilton now sets the fastest lap of the race.

Lap 6

Team to Ricciardo – “What do you think about the conditions so far? It’s still early but what do you think?”

Ricciardo – “This is the right tyre.”

Lap 7

Hamilton and Ricciardo are both on the intermediate tyre.

Vettel has just returned to the pits after a horrendous start which see him out of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Lap 9

Alonso – “I’m out, there’s no power.”

Team to Alonso – “OK Fernando, we can’t see a lot but for what we can see – there’s a lot of problems.”

It looks like Fernando Alonso will be joining Vettel, Raikkonen and Verstappen – he also suffered a hit at the start of the race after gaining positions.

Lap 10

Hamilton saying that he’s just starting to see graining on the front tyres.

He’s still leading the race.

Lap 11

Kvyat has just hit the wall!

Kvyat – “Sorry guys, I’m sorry.”

The safety car is coming back out.

Ricciardo pits and comes out on the intermediate tyres again.

Lap 12

Safety Car is in this lap.

Drivers are coming into the pits and changing their tyres.

Hamilton has not yet come into the pits even though he radioed his team saying that there was graining on his tyres.

Lap 13

Hamilton – “Has everyone changed their tyres apart from me? I’m not sure that was a very good idea.”

Lap 14

The safety car is coming in at the end of the lap – he’s on his older tyres whereas there’s a strong Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo right behind –  he’s on new tyres too.

Lap 16

Hamilton is making the tyres work – he’s leading and pulling away from Ricciardo who’s on newer tyres.

Lap 17

Lewis Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time.

DRS has now been enabled.

There’s a battle between Magnussen, Ocon and Massa.

Lap 19

Team to Ricciardo – “What do you think of the conditions?”

Ricciardo – “Parts of the track are better but parts are wet.”

Lap 20

Hamilton is still leading the Singapore Grand Prix – he’s setting fastest lap times and still hasn’t come into the pits.

Hamilton – “Tyres are still good, the track is drying very slowly.”

Lap 23

Team to Vandoorne – “No more rain expected.”

Hamilton is still setting the fastest lap times – he’s pushing the car more and more and looking better as the track conditions develop.

Lap 25

Magnussen comes into the pits – he’s going on the ultrasoft tyres and is now making his way back out onto the track.

Massa follows – he’s also going onto the ultrasoft tyres.

Teams will be looking at this.

Lap 26

Lewis Hamilton still leading the race, he’s setting fastest lap times and has gone under the 2 minute mark on his latest lap.

Lap 29

Ricciardo comes into the pits along with Bottas – they’re both changing their tyres.

Hamilton stays out on track – he’s still setting the fastest lap times and pushing the car considering the track conditions which are developing.

Ricciardo comes back out in 3rd.

Bottas right behind in 4th.

Team to Hamilton – “Box box, box box”

Lap 30

Lewis Hamilton comes into the pits and changes to the ultra-soft tyres. He comes back out and stays in 1st as he’s built up a good gap.

Lap 32

Lewis Hamilton now sets another fastest lap.

There’s a battle going on between Palmer and Vandoorne.

There’s also a battle between Sainz and Perez (Sainz 5th and Perez 6th)

Lap 33

Lewis Hamilton leading the race – Ricciardo right behind in P2.

Bottas is up into 3rd so it’s a surprising afternoon for Mercedes who were on the back foot.

Daniel Ricciardo now sets the fastest lap time – he’s pushing.

Lap 35

Hamilton is still leading the race, things are looking controlled.

Ricciardo is right behind and although he’s down on time – he’s managing his car for the end of the race.

Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time.

Lap 37

Daniel Ricciardo now sets the fastest lap time.

He’s starting to push.

Top 5 drivers – Hamilton, Ricciardo, Bottas, Hulkenberg and Sainz.

Lap 38

There’s a yellow flag being waved. Marcus Ericsson has hit the wall and he’s facing the opposite direction.


Felipe Massa has come into the pits.

Lewis Hamilton stays out.

Lap 39

It’s the 3rd time that the Safety Car has come out on track.

Hamilton – “Why the safety car? Surely a VSC would work?”

VSC is Virtual Safety Car. 

Lap 40

Hamilton, Ricciardo, Bottas are the top 3 drivers at the moment.  Sainz and Perez make up 4th and 5th.

Hamilton – “Where is everyone?”

Team to Hamilton – “It’s taking time to back everyone together.”

26 Minutes

There is 26 minutes until the end of the race – it won’t be the full 61 laps.

Hamilton backs up the pack and is in the lead – for now.

Ricciardo is behind Hamilton in P2, Bottas has now started putting the on Ricciardo too.

24 Minutes


Hamilton leading the race.

There’s battles ongoing throughout the pack – especially between Magnussen, Massa and Ocon.

Hulkenberg has now started putting the pressure on Grosjean in P9.

22 Minutes

DRS has now been enabled after the race.

20 Minutes

Hamilton has a bad lap – Ricciardo has closed down the gap slightly, things are still open for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Team to Hamilton – “We want to keep the field compressed, we don’t want to give anyone time for a pit stop if there’s another safety car.”

Hamilton – “I don’t understand your tactic – it’s not comfortable to drive like that.”

Team to Hamilton – “OK, understood – you can drive however you’re comfortable”

17 Minutes

Teams are now talking to their drivers and keeping them going for the last few laps of the race.

Team to Vandoorne – “Maximum focus now, maximum focus – let others make mistakes.”

Lewis Hamilton now sets the fastest lap time.

Hulkenberg retires from the race.

12 Minutes

Hamilton – “Somethings on my left front tyre.”

He’s still leading the race in the last few laps of the Singapore Grand Prix.

8 Minutes

Lewis Hamilton is still leading the race – he’s managing the pace.

Ricciardo is behind in P2 and Bottas is in P3 – they’re all looking after their cars and making their way rough the track.

Sainz is up in P4 which is a great result for him.

Bottas has now started to put some pressure on Ricciardo and has closed the gap slightly.

3 Minutes

Bottas is really starting to put the pressure on Ricciardo – it might be too late but he is closing the gap in the last few laps of the Singapore Grand Prix.

1 Minute

The final stages of the Singapore Grand Prix – Hamilton is still leading the race.

Ricciardo is in P2 and Bottas is in P3 – putting the pressure on Ricciardo slightly.

Hamilton now sets a fastest lap time, he’s pushing and makes his way round the track for the final time.


Lewis Hamilton WINS the Singapore Grand Prix – it’s 60th race win and he now has a 28-point gap in the Championship Title.

Hamilton – “I want to congratulate my team. Valtteri also did a great job for the team and we always try to stay focused and get ahead.”

“We had a very fortunate start, Daniel put up a really good fight and I really wanted to fight with Sebastian at the start and I had Sebastian in front of me after the first corner but this worked out better.”

Ricciardo – “I can’t win the bloody thing but I’m trying. We didn’t have the Friday pace today so we were disappointed but I’m still grateful and happy for the podium. There are more Aussie’s here this year than last year so it’s continuously growing.”

“It was a good thing that I had a bad start otherwise I would have gotten caught up in it.”

Bottas – “Of course, this was very good damage limitation. The car was working better than expected and I was waiting for the opportunities and I was putting pressure on Daniel but that was it.”

“There’s plenty of races to come so I’m looking ahead to the points.”

Hamilton – “I’m focusing on winning and as soon as it rained, I knew where I was going to finish – those are my conditions.”

More coming soon!

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Images – Kym Illman F1

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