Italian Grand Prix Preview With McLaren

Italian Grand Prix Preview With McLaren

After the Belgian Grand Prix we head to Italy – from Spa to Monza, it’s back-to-back classic tracks in the Formula 1 Calendar.

In this post, you can hear from the McLaren Honda drivers, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne as they get ready for the next race, Round 13 in Monza.

Circuit Information – Italian Grand Prix Preview With McLaren

Circuit Name – Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken d’Italia 2017

First Race – 1950

Previous Winners 

2016 – Nico Rosberg

2015 – Lewis Hamilton

2014 – Lewis Hamilton


The Autodromo Nazionale Monza was built in 1922 and epitomises the history and drama of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Only one, back in 1980, has the circuit not been included on the Formula 1 Calendar and the 5.793km/3.600-mile lap remains as the fastest one of them all – with an average speed of 259km/h/160mph.

The old banking, last used in 1961, is still clearly visible – as are many of the old grandstands.

What Makes The Race Special – Italian Grand Prix Preview With McLaren

The position of the circuit’s 90-year-old banking and high-tech 21st century Formula 1 cars gives the race a unique atmosphere.

The top speeds are going to be spectacular this year as well – with the cars exceeding the 330km/h/205mph mark on four occasions around the lap.

Did You Know?

Until 2006, there were often TWO Grand Prix’s in Italy – there was the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola.



Driver Interviews – Italian Grand Prix Preview With McLaren


Fernando Alonso – “Like Spa, Monza is one of those legendary tracks where everybody loves watching cars going racing.”

“With the new wider, faster cars this year – it will definitely be another circuit where we’ll see a new fastest lap and some incredibly high speeds on the straights.”

“It’s the fastest circuit on the calendar in terms of outright speed and for a driver, it’s an incredible feeling racing down those iconic straights, punctuated by the tight chicanes and big, fast corners that require a huge amount of commitment.”

“We’ve always said that this circuit wouldn’t suit our package and we expect a tough challenge, although it’s power-hungry like Spa, it’s also different in many ways.”

“Spa is a long race, the Monza circuit is short and sharp and the race always feels like it’s over quickly.”


Stoffel Vandoorne – “Monza is a cool place, I’ve driven there in Formula Renault 3.5 and also in GP2 and I won there in both series so I know the circuit really well and have always enjoyed racing there.”

“The fans are great and they always show a lot of passion, you feel like you’re swept away in their enthusiasm over the whole weekend.”

“Spa was definitely a tough race for us and we’ve always identified the Belgium and Italy would be two difficult weekends for us. It was hard to manage our pace with the rest of the pack on the straights.”

“We’re now preparing ourselves for the same thing at Monza but of course, we’ll push hard throughout the weekend and try to give ourselves the best chance of a good result.”


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