Helmut Marko: “I believe in Vettel” for 2017 Driver Championship Win


Helmut Marko: “I believe in Vettel” for 2017 Driver Championship Win

Even though things are relatively quiet over the summer break, there’s still interviews which are being held and the most recent one is with Dr Helmut Marko.

In an interview with the official Formula1 Website, Helmut Marko discussed what’s happening at Red Bull and Toro Rosso, Driver line-ups and when asked about the drivers’ championship – he backed ex-Red Bull Racing driver, Sebastian Vettel for the win.

QuestionWho will win the drivers’ title this season? And for what reasons?

Helmut Marko – “I believe in Vettel, because I know his mental strength – and Ferrari has raised it’s game.”

“Silverstone I would say was an exception – Ferrari was clearly the stronger car in the first half of the season and only due to various circumstances, they could not materialise all their chances.”

QuestionWhen you say you know Seb’s mental strength, did you ever come against it when he was driving for Red Bull? You’re also known for being a ‘tough cookie’…

Helmut Marko – “No, never. But what is fact is that we had been 60 points behind before the summer break – and still won the title with him!”

“Seb will use this summer break to come back even stronger, that’s how I know him.”

The full interview can be seen on the Formula1 Website.

There’s some new posts on the way but it would be great to hear what you think about the drivers’ title this year – who do YOU think will win!?

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  1. 29th August 2017 / 10:58 pm

    its a tough call between hamilton and vettel at the moment vettel is in the lead but all it takes is one failure to change everything and this has been the best championship for a few seasons. its great to see ferrari back but i think they’re lacking slightly and could do better in terms of power for their car.
    what do you think f1 girl?

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