F1 Hungary Test – Day Two



F1 Hungary Test – Day Two 

It’s the second in-season testing session of the Formula 1 2017 season, seeing all 10 F1 teams taking part at the Hungaroring in Budapest – just a few days after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

(See the news from – Hungary Test Day One)

The second day of testing in Hungary was highly anticipated as Robert Kubica took to the track – driving a 2017 F1 car for the first time.

Let’s take a look at all the details below.

Renault: F1 Hungary Test – Day Two

What everyone has been talking about – today, we saw Robert Kubica making a return to his first Formula 1 test session in over six years!

Completing 142 laps at the Hungaroring – this is the same circuit where he made his Formula 1 debut almost 11 years ago.

Here’s what he had to say following the testing session.

Robert Kubica – “It was a fantastic feeling for me to be here today in the R.S.17 and it was also amazing to see so many fans come here to see me out on track so thank you to all of them.”

“It has been an incredible journey up until this point and where I have answered many questions to myself.”

“I have learnt a lot about this latest generation car, as there are a reasonable amount of differences between it and the Formula 1 cars that I have driven in the past.”

“The car is certainly wider than before and I was able to work through the team’s programme methodically and I think we made good progress.”

“Certainly my understanding of the car and the 2017 tyres came on a lot – after today, it’s too early to say what the next step might be.”

“For now, I owe a big thanks to everyone at Renault Sport Formula One Team for making this test happen.”

Mercedes: F1 Hungary Test – Day Two

Yesterday Bottas also took to the track however he did test-runs for Pirelli with George Russell going through the set programme for the team.

On his second day, George Russell took to the track again, driving the Mercedes car and brining home 90 laps for the championship winning team.

Red Bull Racing: F1 Hungary Test – Day Two

Max Verstappen was on-track for the Red Bull team yesterday however today, Pierre Gasly took over the driving duties.

Here’s what he had to say.

Pierre Gasly – “It’s always awesome to be back in a Formula 1 car – these opportunities don’t come up very often as F1 testing is so limited.”

“It was great to be back behind the wheel, Max didn’t have the smoothest day yesterday so we had a lot of work to do. In terms of driving, it wasn’t the most exciting day for me but the programme was really useful for the team – a lot of aero testing, a lot of long runs.”

“In terms of tyre management, it was useful for me too as I gained an understanding of how the tyres perform. In the end, we didn’t get time to do any performance runs but it’s more important to focus on what the teams need to learn and in the end we did more than 100 laps so, it’s a good day!”

Sauber: F1 Hungary Test – Day Two

For the Sauber team, Nobuharu Matsushita took to the track – completing his first Formula 1 test.

The programme for the team consisted of aerodynamic tests in the morning and mechanical tests in the afternoon bringing back 121 laps.

Nobuharu Matsushita – “It was a very interesting day for me. I completed 121 laps in total which is the furthest distance that I have ever covered in one day, in a Formula One car.”

“It felt amazing, the car had much more down-force than what I am used to in Formula 1 and the possibility of braking late into the corners was a great sensation.”

“Overall, the processes within the team were on a very high level and I learned a lot today. I am very happy to have had the chance to participate at this in-season test.”

McLaren: F1 Hungary Test – Day Two

Another productive day for the last day of testing for McLaren-Honda in the final in-season test.

The team’s test and simulator driver, Lando Norris took to the track in the MCL32 for the very first time – bringing back 91 laps for the team to analyse.

Lando Norris – “Today has been a very exciting day for me and something that I have looked forward to for quite some time.”

“It’s been a really good day, very productive for us all and I managed to get through all the tests that the team asked me to complete and everything went well.”

“Getting used to the car was a bit of a challenge at first but by the end of the day, I felt very comfortable and I got a lot of laps under my belt – I really enjoyed the whole experience.”

“Finally, I want to say a big thanks to the team for giving me this opportunity – hopefully it will be the very first of many!”

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Images – Kym Illman, Renault F1 Team, Formula 1




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