Red Bull Racing Puck Off


Red Bull Racing Puck Off 

A post which is slightly different to what we’re used to on here! Red Bull Racing drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen swapped their race boots for ice skates earlier this week taking on the Red Bull Racing Puck Off Challenge at the Red Bull Akademie in Salzburg.

Not only was it the two drivers who took part – team principal Christian Horner joined them as the referee.

Team Daniel‘ against ‘Team Max‘ – in a winner takes all ice hockey showdown.

Here’s what the drivers had to say….

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo – “You know, I’ve never played Ice Hockey before and I’ve ice skated probably twice when I was maybe ten years old.”

“We had an ice rink in Perth and I think I went on a school excursion so I haven’t done it for the best part of 18 years and never ever with a stick and a puck – it was fun!”

“I honestly really enjoyed it and by the end, when they blew the whistle I was sweating but I was sad. I wanted to keep playing.”

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen – “It’s been a great activity. I think as Dutch guy, it’s always good to be on the ice so I definitely enjoyed it. I was playing a little bit when I was ten years old and I played it for a few months. As a Dutch guy, you do it more often, of course.”

“It’s the first time I am here at the Red Bull Akademie but I would like to come back and play first of all a bit of football and then when you’re warm, you go on the ice rink..”

“I’m not going to rate myself but it was OK – above average.” when asked about his ice hockey skills. 

See more photos of the event below.


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