Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix LIVE

Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix

It’s time for the British Grand Prix and here you can see everything as it happens, LIVE – before, during and after the ace with brief driver reaction.

The weather conditions are cloudy and drivers are now getting ready for the track parade.

British Grand Prix

Drivers are now on-track for the drivers parade, speaking to the media and some drivers stopping to go and see the crowds – throwing over t-shirts and merchandise for the fans.

Raikkonen – “It’s not going to be an easy race for sure but we will be doing all we can.”

 Hamilton – “I’m so excited for the race and I love this track. It’s amazing because you get to see people from all over the country. There’s a lot of things which can come in the way of the race but I’m going to do all I can and put in a good show for these guys.”

British Grand Prix – Pit Lane Now OPEN

The drivers are making their way down the pit-lane to start lining up on track to get their cars ready for the British Grand Prix.


Teams and drivers are now lining the grid and getting ready for the British Grand Prix.

Alonso – “Unfortunately for these penalties we are starting at the back. We are moving forward and things are improving but there’s still a long way to go. We will do all we can to make our way through.”

Weather conditions are still dry – the weather is cool but there’s no rain.

Button – “It’s the first time in 17 years that I’m actually watching the British Grand Prix and it’s great to be able to see this out of the car. Hopefully the team (McLaren) will have a good race. “

Alonso and Ricciardo are starting at the back of the grid due to penalties.

British Grand Prix

Formation Lap

Drivers are now making their way round the track on the formation lap ahead of the British Grand Prix.

The weather conditions are showing possibility of rain – this could change things a little.

 Palmer reporting a problem with the brakes – he’s stopping the car and will be out of the race.

Race start aborted, another formation lap will be taking place.

Lap 1

 Hamilton has a good start and makes his way, Verstappen also has a good start making his way past Vettel and putting his car between Raikkonen and Vettel.

Lap 2

Sainz goes off-track after coming together with Kvyat.

Safety car has now been deployed.

Lap 4

Safety car is remaining in this lap as the stewards clean-up the debris on track.

Lap 5

Hamilton gets another clean start and is making his way in the lead.

Team talking to Raikkonen about Hamilton and his times.

Lap 7

DRS has now been enabled.

Lap 9

Drive through penalty for Kvyat for rejoining the track unsafely.

Raikkonen seems to be closing the gap to Hamilton and Vettel seems to be closing the gap to Verstappen.

Lap 13

Ricciardo is now making is through the grid.

Lap 14

Vettel makes his way past Verstappen and Verstappen regains his place.

The two are battling together.

Lap 18

Verstappen and Vettel continue battling – Vettel still behind Verstappen.

Lap 19 

Vettel pits

Lap 21

Hamilton leading the race – Verstappen pits after Vettel with the team telling Verstappen “You’re racing Vettel.

Lap 23

Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap – he’s leading the race and has yet to come into the pits.

Lap 24

Bottas now up into P3 – he’s being told “anything you can do will work out later” – sets the fastest lap time of the race.

Lap 25

Raikkonen pits and comes out ahead of his team-mate.

Hamilton and Bottas are in the lead.

Hamilton being told to pit.

Lap 26

Hamiton stays ahead of his team-mate.

Lap 27

Raikkonen sets the fastest lap.

Lap 28 

Raikkonen – “There is something on my legs, I can feel something.”

Lap 32

Bottas now pits – Raikkonen is round the corner and regains 2nd position.

Bottas comes out on-track in 4th place.

Lap 34

Alonso – “No power, no power.”

He’s out of the British Grand Prix.

Lap 36

Ricciardo is making his way through the grid – he’s up into 7th place and looking strong.

Lap 39

Hamilton is reporting some issues with blistering on his tyres – he’s still leading the race.

Lap 40

It’s currently Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel who are the top 3.

Lap 41

Verstappen – “My left front tyre is giving up.”

He’s in 5th place.

Vettel is now pushing as Bottas who’s behind him is gaining time.

Lap 42

With the advantage of DRS, Bottas is closing the gap to Ferrari – it looks like there could be a battle between the two.

Bottas trying to make his way past Vettel – Vettel keeps his place.

Vettel suffers with a lockup – the two are battling.

Lap 43

The two drivers are still battling, Vettel is trying to keep his 3rd place but Bottas is looking like the stronger car.

Bottas now makes his way past Vettel and is up into 3rd place.

Lap 44

The crowds are cheering for Bottas – he’s popular.

Team to Bottas – “Great job.”

Lap 46

Hamilton making his way through – lapping other drivers and leading the race.

Bottas now sets the fastest lap time.

Lap 47 

5 laps remaining of the British Grand Prix.

Lap 49

Hamilton sets the fastest lap time. He’s still leading the race with Raikkonen in 2nd and Bottas in 3rd.

Ricciardo is closing the gap to Hulkenberg.

Lap 50

With 2 laps remaining, Raikkonen has a puncture and has come into the pits.

Vettel is now up into 3rd place.

Verstappen also pits.

Lap 51


A puncture for Vettel too!

Lewis Hamilton WINS the British Grand Prix. 

It’s Hamilton, Bottas and Raikkonen who are the top 3.

Hamilton – “Fantastic job you guys, fantastic!”

 Jenson Button is interviewing the guys on the podium along with Owen Wilson.

Hamilton – “I’m so proud to see all these british flags. Thank you so much for all the support – a great job by Bottas too so congratulations to him.”

Bottas – “I’m really happy with today, it wasn’t an easy race to start in P9 but the team did a great job today and we got a bit lucky but it’s been a perfect week. Thank you to all the guys for the awesome support.”

Raikkonen – “We more or less had a good car in the race. They were just a bit faster (Mercedes) today – an unlucky situation keeps following us and the front left had a problem. Luckily I got back quite fast and then Seb had a problem. We are not happy but it’s a good result.”

Hamilton – “A big thank you to all you guys. I’m going over there to crowd surf – I’m going to get changed and crowd surf.”

Brief Driver Reaction 

Vettel – “There’s no one to blame about the problem. Kimi I think had a similar issue and his tyres were 5 or 6 laps fresher. It could have been a better weekend – both cars were good. It was a difficult race, we didn’t get past Max but we pitted and then came through. It’s the small things here and there but overall it was tricky but we tried everything.”

Ricciardo – “That was the maximum I think, I don’t think I could have gotten closer. I made my way through the field and enjoyed it – I was just trying to put myself in the spotlight and take the limelight off of Lewis who led from the beginning (laughs). I’m looking forward to Hungary, right now I’m hungry.”

Verstappen – “There was good battles, I knew I was slower than him (Vettel) and I did everything I could do. He didn’t pass us on the track which was good. In the race we were better than qualifying. I’m happy to finish and fourth isn’t too bad. We have an upgrade in Hungary too which is good.”

Hulkenberg – “I’m very happy. We had a good pace and the team has done a good job all weekend long so I’m very happy. This weekend the floor was a big step forward for us, this track with it’s high speed nature is good – I feel very comfortable and confident. Everyone is happy – on the end, I lost a little bit of power on straight line speed. Perhaps we could have stayed in 5th place but it is what it is.”

Sainz – “I’ve just seen it on the screen. I don’t want to comment as it’s clear what happen. One car loses control and collides into the other. We need to have a discussion and talk between us. A lot of points were on the table for us and we needed to battle and take advantage of situations not to do this. When a situation is out of your control, you need to keep your head up and cheer everyone in the team and mechanics too. At the moment I am not thinking about anything else – we have Hungary and to look and wanting to push hard. We will come back stronger.”

Kvyat – “The frustration is that I overtook and then the car with so much speed, your team mate doesn’t see you, comes across and you just crash. My race is damaged, his race is damaged and I don’t know why I got the penalty. It was a very frustrating day.”

Raikkonen – “Hmmm, looking at things they could have been better. The Hungarian Grand Prix should be different.”

The last race before the summer break will be in 2 weeks time – it’s the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Take a look at some photos from Silverstone this weekend.


Lots more coming soon!

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Images – Kym Illman F1 

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