Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix – LIVE – (FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH 2017)


Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix – LIVE


It’s race day! Here you’ll be able to see everything as it happens, before and during the race with brief driver and team reactions following the race.

Making his way to the track parade, you can see Lewis Hamilton signing autographs for the fans.

Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix – LIVE 

Track Parade

Drivers are currently on-track for the track parade and below you can see what some of the drivers had to say ahead of the race.

Hamilton – “I’m just going to have fun today. It’s going to be difficult to overtake today so I’m going to give it all I’ve got. Austria is such a beautiful place – with the track, it’s great. I wish they had the older circuit but it’s beautiful.”

Vettel – “I think we can settle to the start and have a good race. We think at some point it will rain – it’s a long race today and there’s a good crowd here today so it should be fun.”

Bottas – “It’s a good feeling and towards the end of qualifying, the car was feeling better and better. I think here, the weather will be playing a part. Hopefully we can have a good, clean first lap. In the end, even though the team has the weather radars – we need to see how it affects the car, there’s still 12 races to go and there’s a lot of points to get. We are a strong team and we are growing – I don’t mind if people talk about other people.”

Perez – “We are in a good position, it’s been a very messy weekend up until now so it’s a challenging weekend and we will see what the weather will be doing today. I’m looking forward to trying to gain some places at the start and that should make our race better.”

 Raikkonen – “We are on the clean side not the dirty, maybe we can have a good start and it’s not ideal to be here and I think we have a good chance at the start. We will see how it all goes very soon – in one hour. It looks easy because it’s short and with not many corners but it’s a difficult race and we will do our best and see how it all goes.”

Pit Lane Open

The pit lane has now opened – drivers are making their way onto the track with Red Bull leading the way.

The teams are all on the track and getting the cars ready for the Austrian Grand Prix.  .

The drivers are now at the top of the track for the Austrian National Anthem.

 Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix LIVE

 Formation Lap

The formation lap is under way – drivers are now making their way around the track ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

 Lap 1

Bottas has a great start.

Verstappen gets hit and goes off track – Ricciardo pushes Raikkonen off track.

Hamilton makes his way through the grid – he’s up into 6th place.

Max Verstappen is slowly making his way back to the pits.

Kvyat and Alonso also come into the pits.

Team to Verstappen – “Ok Max, stop the car and retire.”

Fernando Alonso is OUT of the race too.

Lap 2

Vettel – “I think he jumped the start.”

Team to Vettel – “Ok, we will speak to Charlie.”

Raikkonen makes his way past Grosjean – he’s in 4th place.

Lap 3

Alonso had an amazing start and got hit by Kvyat.

Alonso – “I have a lot of damage, this can’t keep happening, we are not playing bowling!”

Lap 5

Hamilton makes his way past Perez.

Ricciardo is up into 3rd place.

The stewards are now investigating Bottas’ start.

Lap 6

The incident between Kvyat and Alonso is also being looked into by the stewards. Things are not looking good for Kvyat at the moment.

Lap 10

It’s been 5 retirements for Verstappen in 7 Grand Prix’s – such a shame for him and all the fans who have gone to the track to see and support him.

A drive-through penalty has been given to Kvyat.

Lap 13

Raikkonen is reporting an issue to the team.

Lap 14

Hamilton is up into 5th place. His team-mate Bottas still leads the race.

Vettel is in 2nd place with Ricciardo in 3rd.

Mercedes have told Bottas to “build a gap” – could they be covering themselves from a potential penalty?

Lap 15

Hamilton reporting that the rear tyres are giving him problems after the team asked for an update.

 Alonso – “We had a good start and we were up to P10 – people from behind drive too fast and hit us. Hopefully we will have more luck soon.

Lap 18

Raikkonen reporting a blister on one of his tyres.

Marcus Ericsson is also reporting an issue on his front tyres.

Raikkonen is in 4th place with Hamilton right behind – it’s not the right time to pit him yet.

Lap 19

 Team to Vettel – “Plan A, Plan A”

Which normally means a 1-stop.

Lap 20 

Ricciardo being updated about other strategies. He’s up into 3rd place after a great start.

 Lap 21

Hamilton is starting to close the gap to Raikkonen who’s in 4th place.

Lap 22

This is benefitting Vettel – Raikkonen is losing a little bit of grip here and there.

Hamilton is closing the gap.

Bottas now sets a fastest lap time.

Hamilton being told – “Do what you can but keep it cool.”

Lap 23

It seems that Raikkonen will be pitting soon meaning there’s no need for Hamilton to be ‘racing’ him – he’s now dropped back slightly.

 Lap 26

Bottas reporting of an issue with blistering on his front left tyre.

Hamilton is just clear on the DRS against Raikkonen.

NO further action for Bottas on his start.

Lap 28

Verstappen – “I felt in the formation lap that things weren’t great and then down into the turn, I got hit. I’m very disappointed but mostly for the fans. I couldn’t even start or do one corner for them – it’s 70 laps and there’s a lot of bad luck but I hope that we can do better in Silverstone.”

Lap 30

Magnussen – “Err…… power steering has gone.”

 Team to Magnussen – “No gear shirt, no gear shift. Box”

Not a great weekend for Kevin Magnussen, he’s now back in the pits and will be retiring from the race.

Lap 32

Hamilton now comes into the pits.

He’s making his way back out on the track – it could be the right move by Mercedes as the other drivers have yet to pit.

Lap 33

Vettel – “I can feel some vibrations on these tyres.”

Ricciardo comes into the pits.

 Lap 35

Vettel now comes into the pits.

Bottas has stayed out – he’s leading the race.

 Lap 39

Hamilton – “The rear doesn’t feel good.”

Team to Hamilton – “Ok Lewis, if that doesn’t feel good then we need to manage things for the time being.”

Lap 40

Hamilton – “Is everything OK? Am I being investigated?”

Team to Hamilton – “Negative, Negative – that’s for Vandoorne.”

Lap 41

Raikkonen has stayed out – it looks like Ferrari are leaving Raikkonen longer than wanted to so Bottas doesn’t have a smooth pit stop.

The pit-stop was a touch slower than normal.

Raikkonen now takes the lead of the race – even though he hasn’t pitted yet.

Vettel is now closer to Bottas.

Lap 42

Team to Raikkonen – “OK Kimi, stay out you’re doing great. Hamilton doesn’t have good balance.”

The team are trying to bring Vettel into play again as he has closed the gap to Bottas.

Lap 45

The team is telling Sainz to box. He’s now coming into the pits.

Lap 46

Bottas leading the race again with Vettel in 2nd place.

Ricciardo is in 3rd with Hamilton in 4th.

Raikkonen is in 5th place and has gone wide on this lap – he can still catch Hamilton who’s got a problem with his tyres.

Lap 49

Raikkonen setting great lap times at the moment.

Lap 50

Vettel has now put his foot-down, he’s closing the gap to race-leader Bottas.

Ricciardo in 3rd place.

Raikkonen closing the gap to Hamilton who’s currently in 4th place but suffering on the tyres he’s on.

Lap 51

Vettel now sets the fastest lap time.

Hamilton – “I’m struggling out here.”

His tyres are looking terrible – they’ve blistered.

Lap 54

Team to Vettel – “Possible rain coming at the end of the race.”

Bottas leading the race.

The gap between Bottas and Vettel has closed slightly – Vettel is putting pressure on the race-leader.

Lap 55

Kimi Raikkonen now sets the fastest lap time.

Hamilton still struggling on the tyres he’s on – he’s told the team who haven’t brought him in yet.

 Lap 59

Lewis Hamilton now sets the fastest lap – has he found balance on the tyres?

He’s now closing the gap to Ricciardo who has in turn responded by going faster in the middle sector of the lap.

Lap 62

Hamilton – “How’s the blistering on my front tyres?”

Team to Hamilton – “That’s nothing to worry about Lewis.”

Hamilton now sets another fast lap time.

It looks like he could have a chance at the podium – if Ricciardo doesn’t react to the times from Hamilton.

Lap 63

Team to Ricciardo – “Let’s get through this traffic and then you can stretch your legs again.”

Vettel is picking up with his pace too – times are looking good from him in the last few laps of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Hamilton – “Keep an eye on these tyres, I’m worried about them.”

Lap 65

The gap has closed between Vettel and Bottas – we could be seeing a little battle towards the end of the race.

Hamilton also seems to be closing the gap to Ricciardo.

Lap 66

Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap.

Lap 68

4 laps remaining.

Bottas making his way through the back-markers and gaining a little bit of time.

Lap 69

Hamilton is now right behind Ricciardo – he’s gaining.

Vettel has closed the gap to Bottas too – he’s keeping his cool.

Lap 70 

Hamilton tries to make his way past however Ricciardo just keeps his place.

Hamilton struggling on the tyres but pushing.

Vettel has closed the gap even more to Bottas.

Lap 71

Team to Ricciardo – “This is the last lap, give it everything.”

Vettel right behind Bottas.

Hamilton right behind Ricciardo.

Valtteri Bottas WINS the Austrian Grand Prix. 

Top 3 drivers – Bottas, Vettel, Ricciardo

Brief Reaction

Bottas – “Yeah, it was deja vu in the end with him catching up. I had a blister in the tyres and in the beginning I could control the pace. I’m really happy for my second win – a massive thank you to the team and thank you for all the sport.”

“That start was the start of my life – this is a long year ahead and we are not even halfway and we are still developing as a team.”

Vettel – “It was very close, I was pushing and I felt much happier in the second part of the race. As soon as we put on the super soft tyre we had great pace. In the last laps we were getting close but I think I needed one more lap as he started struggling but nevertheless a good result.”

Ricciardo – “It was a fun race and defending Lewis in the last few laps was quite…, yeah – I tried holding him off and fighting against him. It’s nice to be up here this year and the second to last lap was the tiring one – he got really close and it’s nice to hold it off and to see the chequered flag.”

“I believe that the race was clean and fair.”

Bottas – “I’m loving every moment and I’m having fun.”

Lots more coming soon including plenty of driver and team reaction.

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