Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada – Race Report (Team and Driver Interviews)


Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada – Race Report

Another week has gone by in the world of Formula 1 – The latest race was the Canadian Grand Prix and this weekend showed Hamilton’s strengths with him setting perfect lap times in qualifying and equalling his idol, Ayrton Senna with his 65 Formula 1 Poles.

The fun didn’t stop there as the team standings in the Constructors Championship have now changed with Mercedes taking the lead and Hamilton is yet again – closing the gap to Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton is in 2nd place with 129 points and Vettel is in 1st place with 141 points meaning that the battle is well and truly alive between the two drivers.

After a windy day in Montreal, it caused havoc for all the cars so let’s take a look and see a roundup of the race with team reaction and driver interviews.

Mercedes – Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton – 1st

After a great qualifying session, Lewis Hamilton equalled Ayrton Senna’s 65 Formula 1 poles – he’s had a great weekend and after winning the race, he’s firmly back in the running for the Driver’s Championship.

Lewis Hamilton – “It’s been such an incredible weekend. I just couldn’t be happier with how things have gone I’m so grateful for this result. We came away from Monaco and we were scratching our heads but we managed to pull this together and look at what we achieved.”

“We came here with a much better understanding of the car and we delivered a real blow to the Ferrari’s – Valtteri did a fantastic job too and this is our first one-two finish together.”

“We’ve scored a big load of solid points and it’s very well deserved – it’s crazy to think that I had my first pole and win here 10 years ago. The race actually gelt very reminiscent of 2007 and in terms of how it all unfolded – it’s a long race here and especially when you’re out there on your own. I knew the car would hold together and it did that just perfectly.”

Valtteri Bottas – 2nd

Another great race for Hamilton’s team-mate, Valtteri Bottas and the Canadian Grand Prix saw the Mercedes team take their first 1-2 of the 2017 season.

Valtteri Bottas – “I’m so happy for us as a team to bounce back in the way that we did, that was impressive. It’s so good to see the team and how it has reacted in the last two weeks, how it’s worked and how it’s improved.”

“I’ve never seen a group of people so determined to win and get back to the top and so, to get a one-two together is amazing.”

“I tried my best t be aggressive and to get ahead of the Ferrari’s off the start and it worked, I had a bit of a lock-up there and this compromised my first stint and then I lost some time behind the Red Bull’s and then the Force India after the stop so we went for the soft tyre and for the second stint I didn’t quite have the pace but I managed to bring the car home and score some great points for the team.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

Toto Wolff – “That feels absolutely great, we have finally taken a 1-2 finish and one so at a track that we expected would be difficult for us – and it certainly was.”

“Lewis delivered a stellar performance this weekend with a pole lap that was almost scary when you catch the onboard and then a totally dominant race.”

“Likewise, Valtteri struggled with the car yesterday but he got everything right today and to complete a perfect day for the team. Ever since Monaco, the guys and girls at the factory have been working flat out, there was no weekend and people were working 24/7 to better understand our problems and credit goes to so many people.”

“We saw encouraging signs today but we need to be working in just the same way and to try and translate them into more success in Baku.”

Red Bull – Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo – 3rd


Daniel Ricciardo – “It was tough out there today and when we put on the softs I thought it was a good thing to do to get to the end.”

“Perez was on me for a little bit and then there were a few laps when I was able to pull away, it looked like he was struggling but maybe he was just having a breather and then he had a second attack – I couldn’t afford any mistakes – especially in the last sector because if they get DRS and get a run, it’s hard to keep them behind.”

“I had to be close to perfect in terms of not making any errors and it wasn’t easy as the grip was low and the wind was crazy out there! Not the easiest third place but when I saw the chequered flag, I was like – “Yes, I can finally breathe

“I had zero intention of doing a shoddy again but the crowd was chanting and then Sir Patrick Stewart got involved so I thought alright, we might be on here – I think it turned out pretty good!”

Max Verstappen – DNF 

Max Verstappen– “The way the race ended for me was very frustrating after such a good start and I think a podium was possible but once again, we came away with nothing.”

“The start was really good and straight away, I felt no well spin and could just put the power down and make some places – I had a little bit of contact with Sea (Vettel) on the first corner, running wide there means it can sometimes happen and from there the pace felt good.”

“I was looking after the tyres and brakes as we had no chance of catching Lewis.”

“I was concentrating, doing my own race when suddenly I lost all power and everything shut down – I’ve had a lot of disappointments recently and I guess that’s racing but sometimes you get tired of it.”

Christian Horner – Team Principal 

“An excellent podium for Daniel today, who really didn’t make any mistakes and despite huge pressures from the Force India’s and Ferrari behind them.”

“We banked on track position early on with the softy tyre with the intention of going to the end of the race and that worked out really well today.”

“It was a great shame for Max who we lost after 11 laps – he had an unbelievable start which propelled him inset second place by turn two and then afteran audacious move, took the lead at the restart and he was looking competitive for second place when a suspected energy store failure caused an instantaneous retirement.”

“Very tough on Max but I’m sure his time will come soon, we leave Montreal and one of our more challenging tracks on the calendar with a podium – that’s a positive result and it’s good to see Sir Patrick Stewart having fun on the podium.”

Ferrari – Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix


Sebastian Vettel – 4th 

Sebastian Vettel – “I think that my start was not particularly good but at the same time it wasn’t that bad either, the car was good and I think it’s clear that today we could have been better than fourth but that’s how we finished and what is done is done.”

“Overall, we know we have a strong car and looking at the start, Bottas and I were trying to go from the inside when Max came around but these things can happen.”

“Then, with the safety car on track, I didn’t realise that the damage to the front wing was as bad as it actually was and we only noticed it at full speed!”

“There was also some additional damage to the other parts of the bodywork and hard to say what they cost me in terms of laptimes but the car didn’t feel like the one that I had driven in the past two days.”

“The pace was there and I would have liked some more laps to maybe finish on the podium – the trophy here looked nice, that was my target and I missed it.”

“We are growing up as a team.”

Kimi Raikkonen – 7th

Kimi Raikkonen – “At the start I got wheelsman off the line and obviously we lost quite a few places, from that moment – it wasn’t an easy race and I struggled in the first few laps.”

“We decided to switch our tactics to two stops and to create a speed difference with fresh tyres, we had a very good pace again and we were nicely going back close to the guys in front.”

“Unfortunately, we had an issue with the brakes and we could not use our real speed – in the last 10 laps, I had hardly no brakes and it’s a pity but at least we could bring the car back and get some points.”

“It was not an easy day for the team but this is how it goes sometimes, if this is our bad day then we have to take it and go forward.”

Sauber – Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix 

Marcus Ericsson – 13th 

“Overall, this has been a tough weekend. I got the maximum out of the car in the race and we made a step forward with ur tyre management throughout the race.”

“The pace we had was similar to our direct competitors for most parts of the race and we now have to build on that and take those insights with us to Baku.”

Pascal Wehrlein – 15th 

“It was a difficult weekend – for one because of the crash in qualifying and also because I could not keep up with the lap times of our competition.”

“We have to make sure that we understand the reason for that and we are now focusing on the upcoming weekend in Baku.”

Monisha Kaltenborn- Team Principal

“Even though we anticipated that this would be a difficult race weekend and the result is still disappointing. Despite the challenging conditions Marcus put in a very good, consistent and dedicated performance.”

“Pascal wasn’t fully able to manage the tyres and we are still in the process of analysing the causes for that – especially regarding the aerodynamic configuration which we had to underatke before the race today due to yesterday’s incident.”

McLaren – Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso – DNF 

Fernando Alonso – “We were in the points within a couple of laps to the end but my engine gave up – I am frustrated of course, but it’s not only about losing a point today.”

“As a driver, we try to come here and drive as fast as we can, so missing on that point is disappointing, especially for the guys who have been working so much day and night, preparing the car and preparing the strategy and taking care of every single detail.”

“Our chassis feels quite strong in the corners but we are being overtaken by everyone in the middle on the straights and this is tough.”

“The support we have from the fans in Canada is great, when my car stopped, I thought we should give them something back and I went into the grandstand and gave may gloves to the people who had been cheering me on.”



Stoffel Vandoorne – 14th 

Stoffel Vandoorne – “It was a difficult race and I think we more or less knew that before the start. We found it tough on the straights and also the massive amount of fuel saving we had to do today really hurt us.”

“The closing speed of the other cars was really impressive so we were a bit of a sitting duck and in the end, we made it to the finish – but, that’s not the result we were hoping for.”

“It’s incredible difficult to stay with the group ahead and when we can stay with the group we are vulnerable and we don’t have the power to defend. We have to invent some tricks in order to keep the others behind and then it all starts to become very challenging.”

“There’s no point in moaning abut it, I’m just trying to get on with my job but I really hope there will be improvements soon so that we can actually start racing with the others.”

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