Canadian Grand Prix Preview – Red Bull Racing


Canadian Grand Prix Preview – Red Bull Racing

After the Monaco Grand Prix, we’re now heading away from Europe for the Canadian Grand Prix which is taking place next week.

As always, thank you to Red Bull Racing for sending us this information from their drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen – let’s take a look and see what they have to say ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo – Canadian Grand Prix Preview


“It’s another street circuit where you can get close to the walls. I’ve had a race win there and it’s great both on and off-track”

Daniel Ricciardo – “I love the Canadian Grand Prix, this is my type of track. It’s another street circuit where you can get close to the walls and I’ve had a race win there. It’s great fun, both on and off-track – what’s not to love?”

“It’s also a tricky track to get right and although there aren’t a while lot of corners, they are all quite complex.”

“I was pretty happy with qualifying last year and the last chicane was fun but it would be really great to get back on the podium. Last year it was also freezing cold and to be honest, that sucked!”

“You would just about warm up after a few laps in the car so hopefully it will be a little bit warmer this year.”

“I will definitely spend some time in the US before heading to the race. I’ve got a few friends coming with me so we will probably go to California first and maybe I will go on a little road trip after the race weekend.”

“First, let’s hope we can get a good result in front of those mega Canadian fans.”

Max Verstappen – Canadian Grand Prix Preview


“One of my favourite points on the track is also one of the trickiest and that’s the last chicane”

Max Verstappen – “There is always a big crowd at the Canadian Grand Prix, especially at turns one and two – you can feel the atmosphere when you’re in the car and the fans there are really into motor racing which is always nice to see and I’m looking forward to that experience again.”

“One of my favourite points on the track is also one of the trickiest and that’s the last chicane! You arrive at the braking point at very high speed and the brakes can also be quite cold.”

“It’s really tricky to nails this corner but I had a good battle with Nico (Rosberg) there last year and it’s always good to come out in front.”

“There are also really tight walls on the exit of the chicane and this is where you nee to be careful not to brush these as it’s easy to damage the wheel rim.”

“As usual, the cars will run slightly less downforce in Canada so they will be a little looser on the under braking but we have more grip this year so it should be comfortable for everyone compared to 2016.”

“We stay in downtown Montreal which is a really nice place to be – I like being on the American continent, there is always a good feeling and I find the people very friendly too so I enjoy going back there.”

Here’s a fun feature – Max’s Canadian Wilderness Survival Kit

Lots more to come ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix so make sure you check back for all the latest as we have more coming from different teams and driver interviews too.

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