Ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Red Bull Racing


Ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Red Bull Racing 

Another week, another race and in this post you can see this preview from the Red Bull Racing team ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this weekend.

See what both team drivers had to say about the track, the location and of course – some fun facts too! 🙂

Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Red Bull Racing 

Max Verstappen – Azerbaijan Grand Prix


Max Verstappen – “Baku in my opinion is a special street circuit, it’s really unique in terms of having quite wide sections but also some of the tightest parts of track on the calendar.

Sector 2 is tighter than parts of Monaco and that has always been regarded as narrow and challenging. When you drive up into the old town and past the castle, it’s fun and tricky but also amazing to watch as a spectator – this section of the track is my favourite, the straight is quick but seems to go on for a long time and gives you a chance to relax a bit

As for the hotel, it’s really nice and new as well as being situated right next to the paddock – I didn’t manage to get out and have a look round last year.

The old town is fun to drive so I think I should try and get up there one evening this year and see what else it has in store.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Red Bull Racing

Daniel Ricciardo – Azerbaijan Grand Prix


Daniel Ricciardo – “This year, I want to try and see the city more and get out to explore – our hotel is so convenient being basically on the circuit but it means you don’t go out of that area too much and become a bit complacent.

The view from the top of our hotel was awesome and from the gym – you could see the entire city, and the track which is pretty unique!

The track was fun so I’m looking forward to having another go on it. Another street circuit is exciting for me as I really enjoy those types of tracks – it doesn’t suit our car that much but there are a lot of opportunities for things to happen.

I think the circuit is definitely as tight as it looks and has a lot of corners unlike any others on the calendar – there’s a few interesting lines past the castle which adds to the toughness and is definitely a section of track like no other.

The straight is so long that it gives you time to think, this is nice as the corners are technical and you really need to concentrate.



Thank you to the Red Bull Racing team for the information, interviews and images!

We have lots more coming soon ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this weekend so make sure you check back for the latest. 🙂

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Interviews / Images – Red Bull Racing 

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