Spanish Grand Prix – Driver and Team Interviews


Spanish Grand Prix – Driver and Team Interviews

The Spanish Grand Prix has to be one of the best races this season – despite the messy start we saw plenty of overtaking, battles and tension throughout with the rivals (Mercedes & Ferrari) battling till the end.

Lets take a look and see what teams and drivers had to say after the race.

Spanish Grand Prix – Driver and Team Interviews 


Lewis Hamilton – 1st 

“It’s been a really good weekend and a great way to bounce back from Russia. It was the rawest fight that I can remember having in a long time!”

“I loved it, this is why I race – this is what made me get into racing in the first place. This is what the sport needs to be like every single weekend.”

“To have a close battle like that with a four time champion is awesome – I lost out on the start and had to watch Sebastian fly by! He was so fast out in front and it was such a push to keep in touch with him and not let him pull away.”

“We then came out so close together which was super tight into Turn 1 – he didn’t give me much space and it was close! I thought Seb would get me at the end of the final stint but I was able to do it.”

“I have to congratulate my team today as well as everyone back at the factory that has worked so hard to deliver these upgrades, enabling us to be so close in this fight with Ferrari.”

Valtteri Bottas – DNF

“It’s been a tough weekend, we had problem straight from practice – when we had to swap to the old engine on Saturday morning.”

“We had an engine failure in the race and we don’t know anymore at this stage – we knew that it was a risk switching back to the old power unit in terms of mileage.”

“At least we managed to get more points than Ferrari despite the retirement – Lewis was on a different strategy while I was running long. We tried to execute a one-stop which is why I was lapping slower at that point.”

“We should have both been on the podium today, it’s always disappointing when you don’t finish but we’ll pick ourselves up and move on.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport 

“That was an epic Grand Prix – racing doesn’t go more wheel to wheel and we were treated to some fantastic racing for the win!”

“Today’s win was one for the whole team – an amazing driver from Lewis, great calls by the strategy team, good defensive driving by Valtteri, the fastest pit stops of the race and a quick, consistent upgraded car!”

“Everything clicked and just came together for us – it wasn’t an easy race and after we lost position at the start we were on the back foot.”

“We made perfect use of the VSC and took a risk to run nearly half the race on a set of softs! After that it came down to some brilliant management of the tyres.”

“It wasn’t a perfect day, we lost one car with a technical failure and Valtteri struggled with damage after the contact at Turn One.”

“People have been asking me if Lewis is now back – the truth is he has never been away, today he showed that.”


Sebastian Vettel – 2nd 

“My start was good and I saw Lewis struggle with wheelspin – I kept looking in my mirror to see if anybody else had a better start and the first stint went OK.”

“My second stint was OK, I managed to get close to Valtteri who was all over the place with his tyres. He blocked me and in the end – I managed to get past but by then I had lost an awful lot of time.”

“The last stint, I did everything I could, the car was good and it was close with Lewis – I am happy when we have the chance to race the Mercedes team and we can be very happy – not entirely happy but very happy today.”

“The most important thing though is that we were in the fight, the team is in great form and we need to improve because we want to be ahead.”

Kimi Raikkonen – DNF 

“I made a good start but on the main straight I got blocked by Bottas – I chose to lift and go a little bit on the left to leave him space but I don’t know how – he hit me on the rear corner and my car jumper and I ended up going into Max (Verstappen).”

“When you get hit from behind in that way, there is now way to avoid a collision – I’m sure Valtteri had enough space but unfortunately, my race ended there.”

“Obviously, it’s very disappointing and we had been running quite well all weekend and I was happy with the behaviour of the car.”

Maurizio Arrivabene – Team Principal Ferrari 

“Shame for the end result – we leave Spain knowing that we can count on a car that is sold and very quick.”

“Seb’s race was very good from the start – he was able to lead for many laps and in the last stint, despite being on the medium tyres – he held off Hamilton until he had to give way to his main rival.”

“More time was lost behind Bottas and also because of the Virtual Safety Car – which ended when we had to pit.”

“Kimi’s race did not last long, he was rammed at the first corner and that’s racing – we must keep our concentration and our humility and as we are aware, there is still a lot of work to do and much to improve.”

“The championship is a long way and we are already focusing on Monaco.”

Red Bull Racing

Daniel Ricciardo – 3rd 

“I’m happy to be back on the podium today – it’s the first one of the season for me which is nice but the race was actually quite a lonely one.”

“I didn’t have any real battles and my race was more about trying to keep a rhythm and maintain concentration. I got a bit fortunate with Valtteri’s problem towards the end of the race which bumped me in third but I’m happy to be up there again and see all the smiles from the team.”

“We need to understand how to further close the gap to Ferrari and Mercedes – I want to take the positives from this weekend we will keep working hard and chipping away. It’s not impossible to catch the leaders at some point.”

“Hopefully this is another step and in Monaco we will have a few more updates – it’s a track where anything can happen.”

Max Verstappen – DNF

“An unfortunate start to the race which ultimately finished it also – I tried to go around the outside as there was plenty of room there.”

“If Valtteri had not touched Kimi, we all would have had enough room to go around that corner and due to the contact, it meant that Kimi lost control and slammed into me – it wasn’t his fault.”

“Sometimes, you have to have a bit of luck – like last year and sometimes you don’t as we can see it this year.”

“After an unfortunate race for me, it’s important to focus and look ahead to Monaco – I’m hoping that we can continue to improve and have a good fight there.”

Christian Horner – Team Principal

“Daniel drove a good race today, it was quite lonely for him and unfortunately, we didn’t have the pace to go with the leaders but we obviously benefitted from Bottas’ retirement for him to record his first podium of the year which was great to see.”

“Max made a good start and after committing to the outside of turn one, he was the unfortunate victim of Valtteri hitting Kimi who in turn went into him and broke his front suspension causing a retirement.”

“Now we look ahead to the most prestigious race on the calendar – Monaco and hopefully we can continue the performance trend and put a positive show there.”



Fernando Alonso – 12th 

“The race didn’t go as we had planned – we were a little bit unlucky with the contact in Turn 2 with Felipe and then we were behind Daniil for too many laps in the middle part of the race.”

“Even without that, I don’t think we had the pace to be in the points today to be honest.”

“I’m a little disappointed but at least we finished the race and hopefully this is the first sign of a step forward in reliability! We now need to prepare better for the next Grand Prix.”

“I now have 14 hours of rest – nine of which will be spent on the plane so we need to switch to Indy mode now.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – DNF 

“I haven’t seen the incident properly on TV yet – I wasn’t expecting Felipe to be there, I think I left enough space for him to be able to pass but unfortunately we made contact and my front wheel broke so that was the end for me.”

“I don’t want to blame anyone, in my opinion it was just a racing incident.”

“I don’t want to make any predictions for Monaco – the chassis has been improving and hopefully we will bring a couple more updates that will pay off! We will have to wait and see!”


Marcus Ericsson – 11th 

“For me, personally I felt good in the race but I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“My pit stop just finished once the virtual safety car started so I lost some time there – it’s not going my way at the moment.”

“Nevertheless, a huge congratulations to the whole team and to everyone here at the track and also in the factory – we have been rewarded for the hard work and it’s great for the team that Pascal scored four points!”

Pascal Wehrlein – 8th 

“It was a great race for me today, I was really happy with my performance and the car – the strategy with the only one pit stop was perfect and worked to the end of the race.”

“We could not have expected such a result after the practice sessions and it feels very good to finish this race, surprisingly in the points!”

“I want to thank the shoe team and as everyone has done a great job throughout the whole weekend.”

“Hopefully we can move forward in Monaco and we can repeat such results.”

Monisha Kaltenborn – Team Principal 

“A great result for our team with a perfect strategy behind it!”
“Both drivers have put in such a good performance and Pascal managed to have an excellent race whereas Marcus also made the most out of the car.”

“Today’s result proves that we are in the right direction and that there is definitely potential in our car – we are curious about what comes next in Monaco when further aero parts will be introduced.”

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Photos – Kym Illman F1



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