Qualifying Recap – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying


Qualifying Recap – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying

Hamilton might have beaten Vettel for pole position ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend but it’s closer than ever with just 0.051 separating the Mercedes from the Ferrari!

Things are looking great for the race tomorrow but another surprise was from Fernando Alonso who got through to Q3 and put his car in P7 – giving his home race and fans something to cheer about!

Let’s take a look at the Qualifying Recap with driver reactions.

Mercedes – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 


Lewis Hamilton – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 

Lewis Hamilton – “It was an amazing job by the team and super proud that we can get back up there and have a better weekend.”

“The first lap of Q3 was really good, the second was so-so and it’s always a morale boost when you come and see the support.”

“Thank you to everyone for all the support I receive in Spain.”

Valtteri Bottas – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 

Valtteri Bottas – “It’s always a good starting point from the second row.”

“The guys did a great job getting the car ready – we had the old engine this morning and it wasn’t the best lap of my weekend, tit’s not a massive issue having the old engine.”

Ferrari – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 

Sebastian Vettel – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel – “The difference between our times was a tiny lockup.”

“I’ve been coming here so many times and still the last chicane is really tricky for me! It was really close…”

“A busy morning and big thank you to the team – they did an engine change in under two hours which is unbelievable.”

“It’s a miracle they got me out – it would have been nice to get pole but we will see tomorrow.”

McLaren – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 


Fernando Alonso – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying 

Fernando Alonso – “I was preparing myself yesterday for qualifying and everything today went perfectly.”

“It’s a nice surprise and we saw the potential yesterday and today, we put everything together – I’m happy for the team, they changed my power units and to now be in P7 and fight tomorrow on the grid around the cars, we should be fighting so it will be nice.”

“Running in the oval, maybe I learnt there to go quick in the straights (laughs) – P7 is a gift and this is a circuit which is difficult to overtake so I will try to keep the position.”

“There is so much motivation here and I always find this extra motivation to take care of the car – it’s a good grand prix for me and the race is tomorrow, they don’t give out any points on Saturday.”

Red Bull Racing – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying

Daniel Ricciardo – Spanish Grand Prix 

Daniel Ricciardo – “We didn’t expect to come here and get pole, it’s hard to say – I still think I’m a second off pole and that Max is closer.”

“We still need to find a bit of time, I was losing out in the final sector and the pace is still unchanged with the leaders – Mercedes and Ferrari are still a step ahead.”

“The car feels a bit of a handful in the last sector – the rest of the lap felt OK but in the low-speed corners, we struggled a bit.”

Max Verstappen – Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying

Max Verstappen – “To only be six tenths off is a massive improvement, thank you to the team for giving me an improved car – now we just need to push on…”

“I always enjoy driving on this track, it’s a track that suits me quite well and also an amazing result for Fernando – a great lap from him.”

Here are some more photos from Qualifying – we’ll have more posts soon so make sure you check back for all the latest! 🙂



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