Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE


Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE 

Here you’ll be able to see everything as it happens from Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying with LIVE updates as the sessions progress during the afternoon.

Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying NewsJenson Button will be getting a 15-place grid penalty for engine changes. Stoffel Vandoorne will have a 3-place grid penalty carrying over from Spain. Not a great weekend for McLaren. 

Things are busy in Monaco, the sun is shining and interviews are taking place ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying session.

Christian Horner says – “Second row on the grid might be achievable” ahead of qualifying.

Daniel Ricciardo – “We are making slow progress, I’m confident that we can see a bit more here (Monaco) than we did in Barcelona. I believe podium is possible but we’ll see.”

Drivers are now getting ready for qualifying and making their way to the pit-lane.

Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE

Q1 –  Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying 

Drivers are now lining up on the pit-lane and ready to start the first qualifying session of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

The green-light is on and Ferrari are the first team out on track. It’s Vettel followed by his team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen.

Ferrari look like they’re the team to beat – it’s very close between the Vettel and Raikkonen. Mercedes are behind with Bottas in 3rd and Hamilton in 4th.

Verstappen is currently the fastest man on track – his time is 1:13.278

Daniel Ricciardo is now on-track too.

Ricciardo now sets the fastest lap time of 1:13.219

Verstappen at the moment has the fastest lap time, he’s now returning to the pits. The Ferrari’s, Red Bull’s and Mercedes’ are all in the pits.

Mercedes look vulnerable at the moment – Hamilton in 9th and Bottas in 5th place.

Knock-Out Zone 






Drivers are all in the pits and getting ready for the next qualifying session.

Q2 – Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying

Cars are now back out for the second qualifying session and it was close for Hamilton who saved his car from going into the barrier!

Raikkonen and Vettel are at the top of the time sheets, Vettel is in the pits and in 2nd place.

Verstappen goes 3rd fastest with Ricciardo in 5th.

Hamilton comes into the pits and also has to get his car weighed – he’s losing time and currently in 14th place.

Vandoorne is in 6th place with Button in 7th at the moment.

Verstappen now sets a 2nd fastest lap time, splitting the Ferrari’s – Raikkonen top of the time sheet.

Hamilton is now back on track however he’s still in the knock-out zone.

 Raikkonen and Vettel are the top 2 – both in the pits.

Verstappen in 3rd, Bottas in 4th and Ricciardo in 5th. Red Bull are now looking stronger on the track.

Hamilton still struggling to get out of the knock-out zone.

Stoffel Vandoorne has hit the wall – it’s a yellow flag.

Hamilton OUT of Qualifying 2. 

 Knock-Out Zone 






Lewis Hamilton has been struggling with his car today, things haven’t looked good and he’s now out of Q2.

Q3 – Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying 

Drivers are all in the pits and now getting ready for the final qualifying session – it should be close between the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s this weekend.

Red Bull are looking strong today.


Drivers are now making their way onto the track – Toro Rosso are first on track.

 Raikkonen is currently the fastest man on track, he’s set a time of – 1:12.296

Ricciardo is in 2nd place followed by Bottas in 3rd. Vettel now on track.

Verstappen reporting an issue with his tyres – asking the team to check the front tyres as he’s losing grip.

Vettel in 3rd – he had a little issue out on track. One of his worst lap times of the weekend.

Raikkonen still in first – Ferrari look comfortable, they look strong.

 Raikkonen is on pole position. 

The top 5 drivers for the Monaco Grand Prix. 






Kimi Raikkonen will start the Monaco Grand Prix in 1st place – it looks like it’s going to be a good race.

Red Bull are looking stronger here too.

Driver Reaction – Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying

 Kimi Raikkonen – “It’s been tricky to go fast but we tried to make the best out of it and we will try to make the best out if it tomorrow too.”

“It’s a very difficult race and to keep things consistent, the car was good and it was good fun.”

Sebastian Vettel – “Well done to Kimi, arguably, you can always go a little bit faster. The car felt good, we had a good lap but it was surprising to see Mercedes like that but our car felt strong and the car felt good.”

“It’s great, we have a lot of fans, Ferrari have a lot of fans and the fans are more close here and it’s great that people are cheering and you see all the Ferrari flags.”

Valtteri Bottas – “It felt like a really good lap and it’s good here when you get a good lap. The red cars were too good today.”

“This is one of the most mentally demanding circuits and I just want to say a thank you to all the fans.”

Lewis Hamilton – “It was unfortunate with the yellow flag at the end but that’s just how it is. I would have struggled but I would have struggled to be in the top 5 anyway. It’s great to see Valtteri extract as much as he could from the car.

We have lots more coming soon ahead so check back for all the latest posts and F1 news.

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  1. 27th May 2017 / 2:43 pm

    F1 girl i can’t believe hamilton is out. what happened to his car?

    • Layla
      12th June 2017 / 7:52 am

      I know, he wasn’t quick enough and was struggling but as he went for his lap, Vandoorne crashed and the session ended!

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