Monaco Grand Prix LIVE – Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco


Monaco Grand Prix LIVE 

It’s time for the most glamourous race of the year – the Monaco Grand Prix!

A wonderful qualifying session yesterday and with Kimi Raikkonen on pole – we’re set for a great race.

Here you’ll be able to see everything as it happens, LIVE – before, during and after the race with brief driver reaction.


Before The Race – Monaco Grand Prix LIVE 

The drivers are now on track for the track parade – let’s see what some of the drivers have to say before the Monaco Grand Prix.

Raikkonen – “It was good enough for pole position so that’s good enough. We can always do better but in places like this it’s quite tricky to put everything right.”

“We will do our maximum, we can do 100% but something can still go wrong – we should have good speed so we should have a good race.”

Vettel – “It all depends on how you get off the line, the start is important and usually being on the front row, it’s good. At the back it can be messy.”

“We will see how it goes but it should be fine. I’m not into the glamour but it’s very nice to see all the support and be close to the fans – it’s a nice track with a great history and a great one to win.”

Hamilton – “I’m looking to get into the points somehow – by simulation they say that it’s very unlikely but hopefully we can do something.”

“My team told me that it’s unlikely to get into the points but I’ll do what I can. The Monaco Grand Prix is so special that’s why it’s so painful when things don’t go your way.”

“I will do all I can for the fans and give them something to look forward to.”


 Ricciardo – “The sun is shining, I’m positive today and we can try and make something happen – we just need to focus and concentrate for 78 laps.”

“The majority of us live here and the track gets transformed on race weekends, I don’t recognise a lot when it’s like this – hopefully there’s some overtaking and something for the fans to look forward to.”

Button – “Stoffel crashed, I’m getting points from Fernando and Stoffel – I want to get some points and no one is letting me! It’s a shame, I’m starting from the pit-lane.”

“These big rear tyres, they’re scary – I’m scared to overtake here!”

“I did overtake on Thursday though, I overtook Lewis – it’s hard to do that here.”

Considering the weekend he’s had, Button is in happy spirits – he’s positive and looking forward to the Monaco Grand Prix.

It’s a beautiful day here in Monaco, the sun is shining and the atmosphere is really building up!


 Half an hour to go until it’s light out for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Cars are now making their way out onto the track.

The sun is shining and the atmosphere is amazing.

There’s a minute silence before the national anthem.

Monaco Grand Prix – LIVE

 Formation Lap

Fernando Alonso is speaking to Button from Indianapolis wishing his team-mate well.

Lap 1

Bottas locks up – Raikkonen remains in the lead.

The two Red Bulls came together ever so slightly at Turn 1 defending against his team-mate.

Raikkonen is carrying serious speed – he’s in the lead with his team-mate in second place, they’re looking very strong.


Lap 2

 Hamilton is now up to P12 – Mercedes are not looking as strong as usual, Bottas is having to control his car too.

The two Ferrari’s on the other hand are full steam ahead.

Lap 3

Raikkonen sets the fastest lap time.

DRS has been enabled.

Bottas looks like he’s struggling as the Red Bull’s are right behind him.

Lap 5

Raikkonen sets another fastest lap time.

Surprisingly, the start was very clean – a bump between cars here and there but nothing too serious.

Lap 6

Hamilton – “It’s hard to catch these guys”

Team to Hamilton – “Our race comes later Lewis.”

There’s an investigation into Wehrlein and Button – Button had to lift-off in the pit lane after an unsafe release.

Lap 7

Raikkonen leads the race, his team-mate in second place but overall, Ferrari are looking strong as they have done throughout the weekend.

Lap 8

Raikkonen sets another fastest lap time. The car is looking good.

Lap 14

A five second penalty for Pascal Wehrlein after the unsafe release.

Lap 15

There’s slightly activity in the pit-lane. Will Mercedes bring in Bottas early to leave Lewis Hamilton out longer?

Lap 17

Hulkenberg has an issue with his car – his engine is going.

Team to Hulkenberg – “We have a major gearbox problem.”

There’s a yellow flag – could there be a virtual safety car? There could be oil on the track.

Perez pits and also changed his front wing in the process.

Lap 18

Hulkenberg has parked his car – if he had continued through into the tunnel, we would have had a safety car.

Vettel is now putting the pressure on his team-mate.

Lap 19

 Kimi Raikkonen is still in the lead. Vettel in 2nd place and Bottas in 3rd.

You have Verstappen in 4th and Ricciardo in 5th.

Lap 24

Hamilton reporting an issue with his tyres and the grip – he’s not happy.

Lap 26

Vettel has started to catch his team-mate.

Raikkonen has started to catch up to the back markers and this is also allowing Bottas and the two Red Bull’s to catch up the Ferrari’s who are in front.

Lap 30

Kimi Raikkonen is back out in clean air and has been told by his team to keep his head down and focus on the race now.

Perez, Wehrlein and Button are the only cars who have stopped.

Lap 32

Team to Verstappen – “Box Max, opposite to Bottas, Box Max”

Team to Bottas – “Push now, Max is in the pits.”

Bottas now pits.

Lap 34

Bottas stays in the lead – he’s in 5th place with Verstappen in 6th.

Raikkonen now pits.

Lap 35

Vettel now leads the race – Ricciardo is in 2nd place and has put in a wonderful lap, he’s ahead of Raikkonen after he pits.

Lap 36

Ricciardo is matching Vettel – he was quicker than Vettel in the last lap!

Was Ricciardo being patient and playing a waiting game?

Team to Ricciardo – “You’re doing a great job mate, your times are phenomenal. Keep up the good work.”

Lap 37

 Ricciardo now sets the fastest lap time.

Lap 38

Vettel now sets the fastest lap time.

Ricciardo now pits.

Raikkonen is ahead of Ricciardo – it’s Vettel, Raikkonen and Ricciardo now.

Team to Vettel – “Box Sebastian, Box.”

Lap 39

Lap 40

Vettel remains in the lead after his pit-stop.

Raikkonen was so close but is now in 2nd place.

Verstappen now happy with coming into the pits earlier as he finds out Ricciardo is ahead.

Lap 47

Hamilton now pits.

Hamilton has made up 6 places – he’s in 7th position at the moment. The car isn’t looking as strong as it’s usual self but he has definitely made progress.

Lap 52

The top 3 drivers – Vettel, Raikkonen and Ricciardo

Lap 53

Ricciardo is being told that he is faster than Raikkonen according to the last lap.

The Red Bull is looking strong on this circuit.

Lap 56

Hamilton – “How’s my pace?”

Team to Hamilton – “Your pace is good, you’re currently the fastest man out there.”

Top 3 – Vettel, Raikkonen and Ricciardo.

Lap 57

Team to Button – “Track breaking up in the exit of turn 1”

A lot of teams are now warning their drivers about a problem on the track and to look after their tyres as the problem could cause a puncture – could we see a safety car?

Lap 58

There’s still a long way to go – we’re on lap 58 out of 78, it’s Monaco and anything can happen!

Lap 60


Someone has gone into the barrier – the car is on it’s side.

Lap 61

Jenson Button is getting out of the car – he is retiring from the Monaco Grand Prix.

Lap 62

It’s Pascal Wehrlein who was in the barrier – he has spoken to the team and is OK.

Lap 63

Safety Car in this lap.

Drivers are now bunched up together.

Lap 64

Lapped cars are now allowed to overtake under the safety car.

Lap 65

Marcus Ericsson has gone into the barrier as he tried to unlap himself.

Both Saubers are now out of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The car is craned away.

Lap 66

The safer car will be coming in at the end of this lap.

Lap 67

A lock-up from Bottas, Verstappen is right behind him.

Ricciardo hits the barrier.

Bottas is being backed up into Verstappen.

Vandoorne is out of the race – he went straight into the barrier.

Double yellows are being waved.

Lap 69

Bottas has Verstappen covered at the moment.

There’s pressure on him as Verstappen has been given the “go-ahead” to overtake Bottas.

Vettel in the lead.

Lap 72

Perez and Kvyat come together – Kvyat has stopped on track and it should have been a safety car out there.

Marshalls are now on track and moving the car.

Lap 73

 Verstappen is right behind Bottas, he’s got the pressure on the Mercedes driver.

Lap 74

Hamilton is up in 7th place which is a good recovery for him.

Vettel is leading the Monaco Grand Prix, Raikkonen is in second place.

Lap 75

4 laps are now remaining of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Lap 77

2 Laps now remaining, Verstappen is still behind Bottas and he’s putting the pressure on Mercedes.

Vettel leading the race.

Lap 78

It’s the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel leading.

He has finished either 1st or 2nd in every race this season.

Ferrari have looked strong all weekend.

Sebastian Vettel WINS the Monaco Grand Prix – it’s been a long time coming for Ferrari.

Raikkonen in 2nd place. 

Ricciardo in 3rd place. 

Driver Reaction – Monaco Grand Prix

Vettel – “The team has done really well, it’s a fantastic job and a great weekend for Ferrari. We hadn’t planned anything before, we just tried to push as much as possible and we had a gap to pull ahead as much as possible.”

Raikkonen – “I have nothing to say really, it’s second place and it doesn’t feel too good. This is how it is, we will try to do better but it’s one of those days when you wish you could have done better.”

Ricciardo – “I got my chance today when Max and Bottas both pitted, we had more to show and today I just got in the over cut and got ahead. I wasn’t sure when I hit the wall if I damaged anything, I was scared – that was not a fun moment.”

Vettel – “I hope that we can keep this up for Canada, it’s very special to win here and then we have enough time for Canada.”

We have lots more coming soon so make sure you check back for full driver interviews and team reaction.

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Images – Kym Illman F1 

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