Monaco Grand Prix Driver Press Conference (After Qualifying)


Monaco Grand Prix Driver Press Conference (After Qualifying)

Here is what the top 3 drivers had say after the Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying session – photos to follow.

Kimi what a fantastic job, your second pole here in Monaco but perhaps more importantly, your first since France 2008 which is 129 races ago. How excited are you to be starting pole in Monaco?

Raikkonen – “Obviously it’s the best place to start for tomorrow but it doesn’t guarantee anything for tomorrow. I will happily take it. All weekend it’s been OK and we have been working to figure out things.

It’s never going to be perfect but it was good enough and I was very happy with the car. You can always go faster here and there which is normal but I was able to push and it was quite nice and good qualifying, happy for myself and for the team.

Sebastian coming to you, you’ve got to beat Kimi in the race but Lewis is down in 12th we think, that’s got to be a bonus for you in the championship. 

Vettel – “I don’t really care about that. We were both fighting for the best spot for tomorrow and all the best for Kimi. I probably pushed a bit too hard in Q3 and then went too wide so I was a bit too greedy and lost a bit too much but I’m sure, if you ask everyone – there’s always that feeling of being able to do more but well done to Kimi.

Valtteri, on to you – I was going to ask why Mercedes were struggling today but when you look closely, you’re pretty close in the end. Tell us about that and also about what the race holds.

Bottas – “Yeah it was a bit tricky, we started well in practice 1 and got lost in practice 2. We got things together in practice 3 but it was still a bit tricky in places and Lewis also struggled with that.

Not an easy weekend for us, Ferrari have had a good weekend overall and well done to Kimi – tomorrow is the race and anything can happen.

Lots more to come!

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Photo – Kym Illman


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