Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix LIVE (Formula 1 Gran Premio De Espana Pirelli 2017)

Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix LIVE (Formula 1 Gran Premio De Espana Pirelli 2017)

It’s time for another race and we’re looking forward to the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix – here we’ll be bringing you live updates as they happen before and during the race.

Spanish Grand Prix – Track Parade

Drivers are now on track for the track parade, talking to media and waving to fans.

Lewis Hamilton – “It wasn’t easy but it’s great fun. The team have done an amazing job by bringing the updates here and brining us a car to keep us in the fight with the Ferrari’s.”

“Today is going to be interesting, it’s going to be hot. I love being here, summer is here, I love it here in Spain so I’m excited.”

Sebastian Vettel – “It could have been a different qualifying session yesterday and I had a bit of time to chat with my team and we didn’t have to box so yeah, it has been a busy morning and we had an engine change so it’s a good recovery.”

“I think we are where we want to be, yesterday morning and Friday it wasn’t that good. The balance of the car is good – in a way we should be on pole but we have a good car and we’ll see what we can do today.”

Kimi Raikkonen – “Yeah obviously we’ve been ok, overtaking is always difficult – it doesn’t matter which circuit we are at.”

“We will see what we can do today. If you go well here, you go well everywhere – it’s been a difficult weekend for everybody this weekend and we are here a lot and testing here a lot.”


Valtteri Bottas – “I’m looking forward to the race and starting from the second row – everything is still wide open.”

“I try not to think about different things and I didn’t get some thing right with the car set-up yesterday which is why I’m not in the front row.”

Fernando Alonso – “It’s a big help from the fans to have this support and yesterday was a big surprise for qualifying.”

“I’m looking forward to Indy, tomorrow at 9 o clock I have the practice in Indianapolis and will be flying overnight to get there.”

NEWSStoffel Vandoorne will be facing a 10 Place GRID PENALTY as there have been changes to made to his car. 


Daniel Ricciardo – “My lap wasn’t that close tot he front guys, yeah – I still think we can have a race where we can take some positives.”

“It’ll probably be a race between Max and myself but we will do what we can to build up on things and see what we have.”

“Monaco will be a track where our car can work better – Monaco is probably the best chance of qualifying front for us this year.”

Max Verstappen – “There needs to be some things happening in front of me to get involved with but we will see – it will be an interesting day.”

NEWSStoffel Vandoorne will be facing a 10 Place GRID PENALTY as there have been changes on his car, on the engine – the ESS which is the energy store and CE (control electronics) on the engine.

It’s extremely warm, sunny and slightly windy in Barcelona today – will this cause any problems for the Spanish Grand Prix?

PIT LANE NOW OPEN – Spanish Grand Prix 

Drivers are now making their way onto the track.

It’s nearly time for the race start!

 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix LIVE

 Formation Lap Begins

Lap 1

Hamilton and Vettel get away but Vettel is in the lead.

Raikkonen has damage on his car after contact with Verstappen – he’s making his way slowly to the pits.

The McLaren of Fernando Alonso went off track too – messy driving on the first lap.

Lap 2

Verstappen – “The suspension has gone.”

Team to Verstappen – “Oh, OK can you bring it home?”

Raikkonen has stopped on side of the track – he couldn’t make it back to the pits.

Lap 3

Vettel now sets a fastest lap time.

DRS has been enabled.

Mercedes are slower than Ferrari at the moment – Bottas slower than his team-mate.

Vettel looking strong, Ferrari will have to play their strategy right as they only have one car on track.

Lap 4

Sainz and Magnussen are battling for their places.

Alonso has dropped to 11th place after an awful start – there was contact between him and Felipe Massa who suffered with a puncture.

Lap 5

No action will be taken for the incident between Verstappen and Raikkonen.

Lap 7 

It seems that Bottas tagged Raikkonen and pushed the Ferrari into Verstappen’s car – Bottas now has a puncture but the other two (Raikkonen and Verstappen) are out of the race.

Lap 9

Team to Alonso – “Fernando how much do you think you’re being held up?”

Alonso – “A lot”

Lap 10

Bottas being asked to pick up the pace by Mercedes.

Vettel leading the race.

Lap 11

Hamilton saying he “cannot keep up” with the race leader – Vettel.

No action to be taken between Alonso and Massa.

Lap 12

Team to Hamilton – “Lewis you’re now getting to a critical time in the race, time to push – we know you’re doing what you can.”

Team to Hamilton – “Give us a balance check when you can”

Hamilton – “OK”

Lap 13

Alonso pits and now comes out on a new set of tyres – it seems like they’re going for the undercut.

Lap 14

Hamilton – “What’s going on guys?”

Team to Hamilton – “We’re keeping an eye on the times, keep pushing – you’re doing well you just need to keep that gap.”

Magnussen and Sainz now comes into the pits.

They’re now racing down the pits.

Lap 15

Vettel comes into the pits. He’s now in 4th place.

Hamilton has stayed out on track.

Hamilton leads the race with Bottas and Ricciardo behind.

Lap 16

Team to Vettel – “Keep your head down”

He now makes his way past Ricciardo.

Hamilton sets a fastest lap time.

Lap 17

Hamilton is now losing pace on this lap to Vettel – will Mercedes bring in Hamilton for a tyre change?

Lap 18

Alonso battling with Kvyat – the two nearly come together.

Raikkonen – “My car was hit in the rear corner and I bounced and hit Max, it wasn’t my fault but that’s how it is. There’s not much you can do.

Lap 19

Hamilton – “Surely this isn’t a good time”

Team to Hamilton – “We’ll be creating opportunities later in the race.”

It sounds like Hamilton is being pushed to the limit.

Lap 20

Neither of the Mercedes drivers have stopped.

 Vettel is closing the gap to the race leader.

Lap 21

The Ferrari team are reporting times to Vettel.

Hamilton comes into the pits – five laps after Vettel, he’s on the medium tyre.

Lap 23

Hamilton – “How far ahead is Vettel?”

Vettel is right behind Bottas.

 Lap 24

Bottas locks up – Vettel is right behind Bottas.

Switching sides, going onto the grass – Vettel now makes his way past Bottas.

Lap 26

Hamilton now makes his way past Bottas.

Hamilton looking better for this part of the race – Mercedes pushed Ferrari into an early pit-stop which might not have been needed.

Lap 27

Bottas now pits.

Lap 29

Bottas now sets the fastest lap time.

There’s little battles on track.

Lap 31

Team to Hamilton – “You seem to be matching the time of Vettel but you need to close the gap.”

Hamilton – “I can’t close the gap on these tyres guys.”

Lap 32

 Team to Hamilton – “Vettel will be on the medium tyre at the end so do what you can.”

Hamilton – “I’m trying man”

Vettel leading the race

Top 3 – Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas.

Lap 33

Ricciardo in 4th place.

Alonso pits again.

Lap 34

 Vandoorne and Massa come together – Vandoorne is out of the race.

There’s a virtual safety car in the Spanish Grand Prix. 

Lap 35

Virtual Safety Car

Lap 36

Hamilton comes into the pits – he’s now on the soft tyres.

Lap 37

The virtual safety car has ended and racing can begin again!

It looks like Mercedes were trying to make sure that this was the right move by bringing in Hamilton.

Vettel now comes into the pits.

Lap 38

Hamilton and Vettel nearly come together – Hamilton went off track and is saying to the team “that was dangerous“.

Lap 39

Hamilton and Vettel are battling with each other.

Lap 40

Bottas is out of the race – there’s a problem with his car.

It’s an exciting race as the front two (Vettel and Hamilton) are now making their way past the back markers.

Lap 41

Hamilton is closing the gap again and is right behind the Ferrari – it’s close between the two.

Bottas suddenly lost power and is out of the Spanish Grand Prix – remember he did have an older engine.

Lap 42

Ricciardo now sets a fastest lap time – he’s up in 3rd place.

Hamilton and Vettel battling – Hamilton right behind in 2nd place, it’s an exciting race.

 Lap 43

Hamilton is still behind Vettel.

Who will take the lead?

 Lap 44

Image from Formula 1 Twitter

Hamilton makes his way past Vettel and is in the lead of the Spanish Grand Prix – Hamilton sets a fastest lap time.

Vettel – “No chance, there was no chance” on Hamilton overtaking him very, very easily…

Lap 45

Hamilton seems to be struggling on the tyres he’s on.

Hamilton – “It’s a long way to go on this tyre guys…. Do I need to push the gap now or do I need to cool?”

Lap 48

Hamilton – “Guys, I have to gain a certain distance away from him as he’s going to be quicker at the end” – in regards to Vettel who’s in 2nd place.

Hamilton chatting to his team and continuing…

Hamilton – “It’s not easy to pull away from him.”

Lap 49

Top 3 drivers – Hamilton leading the race, Vettel in 2nd place and Ricciardo in 3rd which is a nice surprise for the Red Bull racing team if they can hold onto their place.

 Lap 57

Team to Hamilton – “Keep this gap”

Ricciardo still in 3rd place – he’s set to be on the podium for the first time this season.

Lap 59

It looks like Hamilton has got Vettel covered at the moment.

Lap 62

5 laps remaining for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Alonso now makes his way past Massa and is up to 13th place.

Hamilton leading the race.

Lap 65

2 laps remaining for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton sets the fastest lap time.

Magnussen suffers with a puncture – he’s now coming back into the pits.

Team to Kvyat – “Potential puncture for Magnussen, close the gap.”

Lap 66

It’s the final lap of the Spanish Grand Prix – Hamilton is leading the race.

Lewis Hamilton WINS the Spanish Grand Prix

Lots more coming soon including driver interviews and team reaction.

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