Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report

Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report 

It was a great race and even though we didn’t see much (if any) overtaking after the incredible start from Bottas, it was wonderful to see another driver win the race and even better – Bottas’ first win in his Formula 1 Career.

Let’s take a look and see what the drivers had to say after the race.

Mercedes – Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report 


Valtteri Bottas – 1st

“It’s going to take a while to sink in. Normally, I’m not that emotional but hearing the Finnish national anthem was very special for me.”

“It’s all a bit surreal – the first win and hopefully the first of many. It was definitely one of my best races ever.”

“The pressure from Sebastian wasn’t too bad – the main issue was with the lapped cars and trying to get past those. It was tricky to pass them without losing time and I also had a big lockup with about 15 laps to go.”

“I asked for a bit of radio silence and I’m sure that this victory will give me lots of confidence going forward and I knew I could do these results. I always trusted my ability but this result just confirms it.”


Lewis Hamilton – 4th 

“A big congratulations to Valtteri. He did an exceptional job today and he really deserves it. He’s been fast all weekend and he’s done such an amazing job for the team.”

“He’s a fantastic teammate to work with and it’s such an amazing feeling winning your first Grand prix.”

“For me, this was a tough weekend – I just wasn’t quick enough and I’ve never had cooling issues like that before but it meant that I was out of the race from get-go.”

“I think I had the pace to fight Kimi but the car just kept overheating. Ultimately, if I had better pace then I would have been further up.”

“At least I got some good points for the team – I’m just hoping that I can pick up the pace at the next race.”

Toto Wolff – Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport 

“A fantastic win for Valtteri this afternoon and an amazing day for him – he controlled the race perfectly and it was a great start.”

“Then it was the perfect restart and after the Safety Car and a fantastic first stint – he just built up a gap on the UltraSoft.

“It got tense and it needed nerves of steel to handle the pressure in those final laps with a four-time champion closing in.”

“The joy of Valtteri’s first win – this is a result and also a remind that we still have work to do. Lewis was managing temperatures from very early on and it meant that we couldn’t unlock the potential of the undercut around the stops”

“It’s clear that we didn’t give him the car to do the job this weekend and it’s a priority for us to sort this out before Barcelona.”



Ferrari – Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report 

Sebastian Vettel – 2nd 

“I think my getaway was OK – maybe I could have been a bit more aggressive. There was a delay in turning the lights off so that I didn’t get a proper reading of how the grid was.”

“Still, I had a good start and we were strong but Valtteri had a great race. He drove better than the rest of us so he deserved to win.”

“Towards the end, I was flat out – I had a feeling that maybe I could get into the DRS distance and maybe on the back straight put some pressure on him, who knows, maybe lead him to a mistake but he made none.”

“What happened with Massa was just a bit of misunderstanding, I wasn’t sure where he was going but I did not lose the race at that point.”

“We now look ahead to Spain, we had a good answer about our car in Barcelona testing days and I don’t think about the Championship.”

“We has a good start. We are here to win and we are here to do our best – we can always learn and we can always improve.”

“The speed was there and we could have done better. We have a strong car and a strong team so it’s a lot of positive aspects.”




Kimi Raikkonen – 3rd 

“Overall, this has been a more positive weekend compared to the first three races. I was happier with the car and when I needed to push – I could get the lap time out.”

“The race was decided at the start and I had a pretty bad one – I thought I was losing a lot and managed to get the position back and stay there.”

“My car was good all the way through the race but not a lot happened.”

“We tried our best but there was not much to do – I was just holding my position.”

“Obviously, I’m happy for the podium but I’m disappointed to lost a place at the start instead of gaining one.”

“We need to keep working on all the details – small details can make a big difference in the end and I’m very happy for Valtteri who won his first race – I’m sure he will have a bright future.”

Maurizio Arrivabene – Team Principal

“A shame because today’s result could have been better. We didn’t get a great start and that penalised us for the rest of the race. On track the overtaking is difficult.”

“Our race pace was very good and as was our strategy.”

“Once again, both Seb and Kimi proved their worth – driving great races and now it’s time for us to look ahead to the next race in Spain.”

Red Bull Racing – Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report

Max Verstappen – 5th 

“The start was very important today and ended up being the only action of the race for me. I managed to get past Felipe and Daniel and from there it was a very lonely race.”

“I could see the cars in front of me pulling away and I was pulling away from the cars behind so I just tried to manage the car home.”

“After the issues we had this morning, luckily nothing upset me or the rhythm during the race and all I had to do was cross the line.”

“The mechanics did a great job sorting out the issue in such a small amount of time and giving me another car to complete the race in P5.”

“The pace wasn’t so bad and it’s a positive to take away from the tough weekend.”

“We maximised opportunities we had and now can look forward to Barcelona – the upgrades are coming and we can hopefully start to get involved in the fight at the front.”

“Barcelona is a very special track for me following last year’s race so I’m exciting to return and see what I can do.”

Daniel Ricciardo – DNF

‘The start felt good initially, I seemed to get away quicker than the guys in front which backed me up and meant that I lost momentum.”

“I was then a bit of a sitting duck on the outside line and losing track position but it looked like it would be a battle from there.”

“After the safety car, I looked in my mirror to see where the Force India was and I noticed that the right rear brake was on fire – I reported it to the team and they told me to bring the car back into the pits slowly.”

“Unfortunately, the issue couldn’t be fixed and I had to retire from the race. It was early in the race so I don’t know how much the safety car and two starts impacted us but the team will obviously try and investigate that.”

“It’s frustrating, on a Sunday you try and build up for the race and you store your adrenaline to use at 3pm but today – it was over very quickly.”

“We don’t know how much the new packaged will give us until we get it on the track in a few weeks but here’s to hoping that Barcelona is the first step to getting closer to the leaders.”

Christian Horner – Team Principal

“Firstly, congratulations to Valtteri Bottas on his first Grand Prix victory – it’s a great win for him.”

“For us, it was a real disappointment to lose Daniel early in the race and with a right rear brake issue.”

“Max drove a strong race today but he was only racing himself in no man’s land.”

“Hopefully in Barcelona we can start making some progress.”

Force India – Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report 

Sergio Perez – 6th 

“Sixth place feels satisfying and with Esteban in 7th, it has been a really positive day for the team. We’ve consolidated our fourth place in the championship and I’m seventh in the drivers’ championship which is tremendous from our first four races.”

“The race was not exciting today because I was on my own and in clean air – chasing the cars ahead and pulling away from the cars behind. There were no on-track battles and all I did was manage my race and bring the car home.”

“The team did a great job with the strategy waiting until the right moment to pit and not coming in too soon – once again, we took all the opportunities that were on the table and we can feel very happy tonight.”

Esteban Ocon – 7th 

“It feels great ti finish seventh and after such a strong performance from the whole team, I am very proud and very happy with what we have achieved this weekend.”

“We impressed in every session and never went backwards.”

“From the mechanics to the engineers, everyone did a great job and we can be proud. I feel like there is nothing more that we could have extracted from the car.”

“The only negative from the race was a poor start but I managed to get those positions back before the first lap was over and it was good.”

“We are in fourth position going into Barcelona and where we are expecting some upgrades on our car so I am confident about the future.”

McLaren – Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report

Fernando Alonso – DNS 

“It’s tough, it’s frustrating – every weekend is the same.”

“My power unit didn’t have the usual power during the formation lap and my engineer told me to change some settings on the steering wheel.”

“Unfortunately, that didn’t work and towards the end of the lap, the engine shut down and my race was over before it had started.”

“Not being able to take part in the race today and not being able to finish any race so far this season is extremely tough!”

Formula 1 is my life and I hope we can improve soon.”

Stoffel Vandoorne – 14th

“From my side, 14th was the best possible result today. I had a decent start and had to avoid a first-corner accident which meant that I got a five second penalty for missing the markers at Turn Two.”

“I don’t think that did anything to change the result today – it was a normal race and we ran at our own pace. I did the maximum possible and think that 14th is a fair reflection of where we are at.”

“Fernando not being able to start the race shows everyone that we still have a lot of work to do – especially on the reliability side. That’s two races in a row where two McLaren’s haven’t started and that’s a shame.”

“At least we got to the finish – that meant a lot of learning for the team and a lot of learning for myself.”

Sauber – Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix – Race Report

Marcus Ericsson – 15th

“It was definitely not a satisfying race for us – especially after the first stint and after the safety car which was just not good.”

“I was struggling a lot with the balance of the car and the tyres were not working properly either so I had difficulty in keeping up with the pace of the cars in front of me.”

“The second stint was OK and I was able to make up some ground to the car in front of me and overall I feel like we have taken a step back in terms of the car balance.”

“We need to analyse what we can do to improve to be more competitive in the races for the upcoming GP weekends.”

Pascal Wehrlein – 16th 

“Since the practice sessions on Friday, we knew that the race on this track would not be in our favour.”

“During the race, I wasn’t able to bring the tyres to the optimal working window which resulted in a less competitive lap time overall.”

“In general, I felt uncomfortable in the car this weekend and we need to look at the data and understand the reasons.”

“I hope that we can put in a better performance during the upcoming Grand Prix in Barcelona – where we have car updates planned.”

Monisha Kaltenborn – Team Principal

“Considering the whole weekend, we unfortunately expected such a result. Despite these circumstances and limitations of our car – Marcus showed us his fighting spirit and proved his strength by not giving up in difficult moments.”

“It shows that Marcus is an important support for the team and it’s a shame that he was not able to overtake the car in front of him.”

“Regarding Pascal – we need to analyse why he has been having some issues and we have to tick off this result and concentrate on our updates that we will be introducing in Barcelona.”

Below you can see some images from the race weekend.

Photos – Russian Grand Prix 


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