Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

It’s the day and after a great qualifying session yesterday, we’re now getting ready for the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Track Parade – Bahrain Grand Prix

Hamilton – “I’ve got amazing support here. It’s weird because this is such a strange race – it’s a beautiful weekend and definitely one of the most calm considering the amount of people that come here! If anyone ever thinks of coming to F1 this is a great race weekend to come to.”

“There’s such a long race ahead – there’s really strong wind is and if you look at the flag, you can see just how windy it is.”

“Between now and the race, I go back to my room, stretch and listen to my music – I’ve got a bunch of notes that I go through too and then relaxing.”

 Bottas – “I’m happy with the start – this is something that I will remember. It feels good, today is the day that counts. It’s a hard race and there’s much more running from P1 into turn 1 – it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

Vettel – “We have a good car and hopefully we’ll be good in the race and give the front a bit of pressure and see what happens.”

“We think we have the right strategy – it all depends on how the race unfolds, we could have done better yesterday and we should be a bit quicker in race trim. It’s quite windy and a little bit cooler today.”

Raikkonen – “The wind is going to make a big difference in some areas. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t get the car right yesterday. Today is another day and we are doing the right things.”

“Like I said, today is the race and this is what counts – not qualifying. It’s a normal Sunday Story and we will see what we can do.”

Ricciardo – “It was good to get on the second row. We didn’t really expect it – we know that when the opportunity comes along we can get there.”

“I think in terms of setting up the car – we just need to manage it, the wind is going to play a part – it might increase the tyre degradation – podium is possible today, I believe that.”

 The track temperature today has dropped – it’s a lot cooler than expected and there’s also a lot more wind. 

 Valtteri Bottas is already in his car – a lot earlier than his team-mate.

Cars are now making their way onto the grid ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix – LIVE 

Stoffel Vandoorne is no where to be seen – he’s got an issue with his car and it’s currently parked in the garage.

He’s retired from the race.

Formation Lap. 

Team to Hamilton – “Head wind into Turn 1”

Lights Out!

 Lap 1

 Bottas leading the race.

Vettel makes his way past Hamilton – he’s up into 2nd place.

Vettel right behind Bottas.

 Lap 2

Verstappen makes his way past Ricciardo.

Massa makes his way past Kimi Raikkonen.

Peprez has made up 5 places on the opening lap. Lance Stroll has moved up to 10th place from 14th.

Vettel putting pressure on Bottas.

Hamilton in 3rd place with Verstappen behind – he’s got a gap to Verstappen but no putting the pressure on Vettel in front.

Lap 3 

Carlos Sainz has also made up 5 places and is in 11th position.

Verstappen is now getting closer to Hamilton.

Vettel still putting the pressure on Bottas who’s currently leading the race.

Lap 4

Raikkonen is now right behind Massa – he’s closed the gap to him.

Lap 5

Bottas now sets the fastest lap time.

Hamilton has started to close the gap to Vettel.

Vettel is right behind Bottas.

 Lap 6 

Team to Bottas – “Getting a little bit of overheating but nothing to worry about.”

Bottas is still leading the race.

Vettel is right behind.

There’s pressure on Bottas – he’s not used to leading the race.

Hamilton in 3rd position.

 Lap 7 

Hamilton closing the gap to Vettel too – the top 3 are close to each other.

Verstappen isn’t too far behind. He’s managing his car well.

Lap 8

 Raikkonen makes his way past Massa and has moved up into 6th place.

The top 3 remain as they are.

Ferrari could go for the undercut – it all depends on their strategy at the moment.

Lap 9

Verstappen now closing the gap to Hamilton.

Raikkonen closing the gap.

Verstappen – “We are quicker than them but I got stuck.”

Kevin Magnussen is out of the race – he’s got his car on the side of the track, out of the way.

Lap 10

Bottas – “I’m starting to lose the rears, there’s little grip – I’m struggling.”

Team to Bottas – “Yeah, we’re seeing that. The pressures are quite high.”

Ferrari are now in the pits – Vettel trying the undercut.

He’s on the supersoft tyres.

Lap 11

Verstappen – “I think we need to do the same and do something like Ferrari!”

Verstappen is now in the pits.

The pressure is on Mercedes!

Lap 13

Brake failure for Verstappen – he comes out of the pits and goes straight into the wall!!

Ferrari now pit Raikkonen.

 Lap 14

Mercedes are still leading the race – have Ferrari caught out Mercedes? They still haven’t come into the pits.

Stroll is out – he got hit by Sainz.

Safety Car

Bottas and Hamilton now coming into the pits.

 Vettel is now leading the race.

Ricciardo is leading Hamilton who had a slow pit stop due to Bottas’ slow start.

 Lap 15

Safety car is still out.

Vettel is leading the race – his pace has been great after the pit stop onto the new tyres.

Lap 16 


The race has started again.

Lap 17

Vettel leads the race – he was out of place and Bottas put the pressure eon him but then got squeezed out.

Hamilton makes his way past Ricciardo.

Raikkonen has made his way past Ricciardo.

Ricciardo can’t get his car up to the right point.

Raikkonen – “Keep up these times, this is good.”

Lap 20

Vettel leading the race.

Bottas in second followed by Hamilton.

Alonso has made his way past Ericsson and Palmer and is up into 11th place.

Lap 21 

Hamilton has received a 5 second penalty for driving unnecessarily slowly – holding Ricciardo up at the pit lane entry.

Lap 22 

The incident involving Stroll and Sainz will be investigated after the race.

Vettel leading the race.

Hamilton – “I can’t catch him.”

Bottas is in 2nd place – leading from Hamilton.

Lap 24

 Team to Ricciardo – “How are the tyres?”

Ricciardo – “They were worse but they’re now better.”

Raikkonen makes his way past Massa and is up into the top 4 – well done to Raikkonen.

Lap 25

 Alonso – “I’ve never raced with less power in my life…”

Vettel leading the race.

Bottas in 2nd.

Hamilton in 3rd.

Raikkonen in 4th.

Lap 27

Hamilton in 2nd place.

Vettel leading – he’s increasing the gap.

Bottas’ tyres are now starting to overheat.

Lap 28

“Please let Lewis through” – team to Bottas before Hamilton made his way past.

Bottas struggling with his tyres.

Vettel in the lead – the gap is increasing.

Lap 29

Vettel leading the race – the Ferarri team is working on strategies.

Raikkonen is leading Ricciardo.

Ricciardo makes his way past Massa – he’s found some sort of balance with his car.

Lap 31

Bottas pits – he’s now on the soft tyres.

Hamilton in 2nd place.

Vettel leading.

Raikkonen now up into 3rd position – Ricciardo in 4th.

 Lap 32

Raikkonen – “Check what happen in Turn 4.”

Team to Raikkonen – “We are checking what’s happened.”

Lap 33

Hamilton has started to pick up the pace – he’s closing the gap to Vettel.

Vettel will have to stop again to change his tyres.

Vettel – “I’ve started to lose grip in the front tyres.”

Hamilton now goes past and into the lead.

It’s now Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel.

Bottas overtakes Massa.

Lap 34

The pit stop is done for Ferrari – they’ve come out in a good position.

Raikkonen will be stopping again too.

Bottas is gaining now – his tyres are working for him well.

Lap 35

Hamilton is being told to build a gap and to have enough time for the pit stop.

 Team to Vettel – “We need to look after these tyres till the end.”

Vettel now making his way past Raikkonen and up into 2nd place – he’s on fresher tyres and Raikkonen will need to pit again.

Vettel is gaining everywhere – he’s got new tyres.

Lap 36 

Bottas is also gaining on Ricciardo.

Hamilton will be pitting again – there’s no talk of him staying out.

It’s Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen and Ricciardo at the moment – Bottas gaining on Ricciardo.

Lap 37

Bottas makes his way past Ricciardo and is back into the top 4.

 Vettel sets the fastest lap time.

Raikkonen – “Is there anything we can do? Bring me in sooner!”

Lap 38

Raikkonen now pits after his call to the team.

Hamilton leads the race.

Vettel 2nd, Bottas 3rd, Ricciardo 4th.

Alonso is unhappy with the car and with the strategy! Telling the team “Do whatever you want” with the team asking about strategy.

Lap 39

 Vettel gaining on Hamilton.

Team to Bottas – “You need to close the gap to Vettel, Hamilton has a 5 second penalty.”

Lap 40

 Ricciardo pits.

Hamilton still leading the race.

Vettel gaining on Hamilton.

Lap 41

Ocon makes his way past Wehrlein.

The team is getting ready for Hamilton’s pit stop.

He’s had a big lock-up.

Lap 42

 Vettel is leading the race.

Bottas in 2nd with Hamilton in 3rd.

Raikkonen is in 4th place.

Hamilton’s served his 5 second penalty too.

Lap 43

Ricciardo sets the fastest lap.

Hamilton – “Why did we go for these tyres?”

Lap 44

Lewis Hamilton sets the fastest lap time – he’s now catching up to his team mate.

Top 3 – Vettel, Bottas, Hamilton

Raikkonen in 4th.

Lap 47

Team to Hamilton – “You’ve got the pace to win this mate!”

Hamilton sets the fastest lap time.

Bottas in 2nd place.

Lap 51

Vettel leading the race.

Bottas is suffering with understeer.

Vettel leading the race.

Hamilton is in contact with his team.

Lap 52

Marcus Ericsson is out of the race – he’s parked on the side of the track.

Lap 53

5 laps remaining.

They’re moving the car of Ericssons’ out of the way.

Vettel still leading the race.

Traffic comes into play – Vettel making his way through the back markers.

Lap 54

4 laps remaining.

Vettel makes his way past Alonso in the McLaren.

He also makes his way past Wehrlein.

Hamilton now needs to make his way past the back markers.

Lap 55

3 laps remaining.

Vettel still leading.

Hamilton is making his way through the back markers.

Alonso – “Engine problem, box!”

Lap 56

Alonso in the pits – he’s out of the race.

It’s his third DNF of the season.

Hamilton has now gotten past Wehrlein and Kvyat.

Hamilton has lost a little bit of time to Vettel on this lap.

Lap 57

Final Lap!

 Sebastian Vettel WINS the Bahrain Grand Prix

Hamilton in 2nd place.

Bottas in 3rd place.

Raikkonen in 4th place.

Brief Reaction from Top 3 Drivers 

Vettel – “I love what I do, I don’t have any words. It was a team effort and I’m really happy.”

“I was surprised after the safety car that I came out ahead of all of them – it worked well, I could control the pace. Lewis was a bit of a threat and the car was a dream today.”

“Happy Easter and thank you very much.”

Hamilton – “Firstly congratulations to Sebastian today and thank you to Valtteri – I tried my hardest to catch and I gave it everything I could. We’re going to push harder as a team and come back fighting.”

“The disappointment is there – it’s painful but it is what it is. I gave it everything I could.”

Bottas – “It was a tricky race for me – I struggled with the race pace and then the tyre pressures. I was really limited after that.”

“I was oversteering all through the race which is a real shame as the target was higher.”

Vettel – “It’s a long year and I’m looking to the Championship – I think we could have been a bit closer. The car was a dream to drive and we are really, really happy.”

“The team have been working so hard – they work day and night and it’s great to see that everything is coming together.”

 Lots more coming soon!

The Formula 1 Girl 🙂


Images – Sky F1, Kym Illman F1 and F1 Team Twitter Accounts

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