2017 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE


2017 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE 

We’re getting ready for the 2017 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix Qualifying session, bringing you all the updates LIVE.

If you check out our Russian Grand Prix Practice Report, you’ll see that Verstappen had an issue with the fuel pressure yesterday in FP2 which stopped his session and today Ricciardo had the same problem in FP3.

At the moment, the team and engineers are working on Ricciardo’s car to get it ready for the qualifying session ahead.

Jolyon Palmer has had to change his engine in between FP3 and Qualifying – it looks like the car will be ready for Qualifying.

Russian Grand Prix Qualifying LIVE 

It’s time – we’re getting ready for the Russian Grand Prix Qualifying session from the Sochi Autodrom.

Ferrari looked strong this morning…. will it continue?


Drivers are now in their cars and getting ready.

Qualifying 1 – Russian Grand Prix Qualifying

The first cars on track are the Toro Rosso’s.

Alonso is on track – he’s pushing the car as much as he can and giving the team all he can. His team-mate Vandoorne has a 15 place grid-penalty so this weekend doesn’t look good for him.

Bottas is now on the track – after a good qualifying session in Bahrain, can he do something similar?

Hamilton is now on-track too along with the Ferrari’s who were looking strong all morning.

Bottas is currently the fastest man on-track.

Vettel is in 2nd place, followed by Raikkonen.

Hamilton made a little mistake which ruined his lap-time.

Vettel is on Supersofts whereas Bottas is on the Ultrasofts.

Hamilton improves on his time and goes 2nd fastest.

Vettel slots down into 3rd with his team-mate Raikkonen in 4th. There is a difference in tyre options don’t forget.

Both Ferrari’s are now in the pits.

Top 4 all in the pits – Bottas, Hamilton, Vettel and Raikkonen 

 As the chequered flag waves, two cars go off-track.

Jolyon Palmer takes too much of a corner, goes over the bump which drives him into the wall.

Wehrlein also spins and goes off-track.

Knock Out Zone 


Vandoorne (15 place grid-penalty)




Bottas was the fastest in Qualifying 1 – does he have more speed than his team-mate? Will Ferarri push?

Qualifying 2 – Russian Grand Prix Qualifying

Cars are now making their way onto the track.

Team to Stroll – “Ok, it’s still showing yellow – they might be clearing the car”

Alonso is happy with his performance in Qualifying 1 – as much as he pushes he doesn’t think he can get through to Q3 but this is Formula 1 and anything is possible.

Bottas once again goes faster.

Hamilton half a second down on his team-mate, he’s in 2nd place.

Team to Hamilton – “Lewis – Box, Box, Box, Box

Ferrari sent Vettel out at the wrong time which in effect brought Raikkonen’s lap time down slightly – he could have set a faster lap time.

Bottas and Hamilton now return to the pits – they’re saving their tyres. It’s currently Bottas 1 and Hamilton 2.

Ferrari are in the pits too – Vettel 3 and Raikkonen 4.

Mercedes are changing their tyres – Both teams are trying different strategies.

Red Bull are not looking as strong as they have in previous qualifying sessions.

Ferrari are back out on track – they’re on a new set of UltraSoft Tyres. Mercedes are still in the pits.

It’s now Bottas, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Vettel – Vettel was on a great lap but abandoned the lap.

Alonso – “Unbelievable, really – it’s unbelievable.”

Knock Out Zone 





Qualifying 3 – Russian Grand Prix Qualifying 

Mercedes are waiting at end the of the pit-lane – Hamilton is out on track for Q3

Hamilton has got Hulkenberg in front of him – he’s looking to get his tyres ready for his warm-up lap.

 Hamilton – “He’s (Hulkenberg) driving quite dangerously

 Hulkenberg sets the fastest lap time followed by Bottas – Hamilton is in 3rd but remember he was behind Hulkenberg.

Raikkonen now goes fastest – he’s on provisional pole and looked good during the weekend.

Vettel goes 2nd fastest.

Mercedes are now looking fast – have they held back on the power as they both suddenly look stronger!

It’s currently Raikkonen, Bottas, Vettel and Hamilton.

Hamilton was on a good lap but abandoned his time due to another mistake.

Ferrari are back in the pits.

 Mercedes are now in the pits and changing tyres.

Hamilton has had problems around the lap with his tyres and balance.

 It looks like a close call – everyone seems to be gaining on their laps.

Vettel just beats his team-mate – it’s a Ferrari front-row lockout!

Hamilton is NOT in the top 3! His team-mate Bottas has just edged him and put in a faster lap time.

Top 3 Drivers 




 Brief Driver Reaction – Russian Grand Prix Qualifying

Hamilton – “It takes a lot more than being blocked to stop me, I just wasn’t quick enough today and I have to go back to the drawing board and see why – it was all in the last sector so we have work to do.”

“My goal is to try and go forward – I’m hoping tomorrow is better.”

Driver Press Conference – Russian Grand Prix Qualifying

 Vettel – “I had a good start to the session for Qualifying this afternoon, in Q2 – I lost the feeling a little bit and I wasn’t as strong, I locked up and in Q3 it wasn’t too tidy in the beginning but I made up some time.”

“I knew that it would be tough and I knew that I would be the first one to cross the line – my race engineer told me that the others were closing the lap too.”

“It’s a team effort so a big thanks to the team, they always do their best and it’s a very good result and I’m sure that everyone is happy and proud.”

Raikkonen – “The aim is to be on the front but this we just go some traffic in our out lap and we couldn’t make the tyres work. It was a bit more tricky and I tried to get it back in the last corner.”

“I am happy compared to other qualifying and we had the tools but a 1 and 2 for the team is good.”

Bottas – “We can clearly see that Ferrari was quicker today – we were close in the end but not enough. All weekend they have had the upper hand and they managed to extract the best out of the tyres.”

“It’s a good team effort and we are still close, as always tomorrow is the day that counts and a second row start, isn’t that bad to start here.”

We have lots more coming soon including race recaps and reports so make sure you keep checking back for all the latest!

Lots more to come soon!

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Photos –KymIllman F1 Photographer


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